Scarlett Johansson: When I Was Younger, I Was ‘destined’ to Play Provocative Roles


Scarlett Johansson says that at the beginning of her acting career, her old management team “trained” her to take “bombshell” roles. On iHeartRadio’s “Table for Two” podcast with Bruce Bozzi on Tuesday, the 38-year-old “Black Widow” star said, “I kind of became a newcomer.”

“Young girls like that are treated as objects a lot, and that’s just a fact.” I believe that whatever box they are placed in sets the tone for the rest of their lives.”Women have more freedom to choose their own paths now.”

Johansson said that she started to feel like a woman when she was in her late teens. She played around with her “desirability and sexuality,” but that didn’t help her get out of being typecast.

“I think I got stuck in this because I was sort of launched in this direction,” she said. “I was kind of trained to be this type of actor you might call a bombshell,” the “Black Dahlia” star said. “I was playing the other woman and this object of desire, and all of a sudden I was stuck in this spot and couldn’t get out.”

Scarlett Johansson When I Was Younger, I Was 'destined' to Play Provocative Roles

Johansson said she quickly learned that picking roles based on how she looked was not a good idea. “I think for that kind of bombshell role, it burns bright and fast, and then you don’t have much else to do,” the “Nanny Diaries” star said.

Johansson also said that she and Bill Murray had a “really hard time” making the movie “Lost in Translation” when she was 17. “Our characters have this…deep relationship, and it was hard for me to… “I struggled with that for different reasons,” she said, adding, “When I woke up, it was like a weird fever dream.”

The woman, who is now a mother of two and has a daughter, Rose, 8, with her ex-husband, Romain Dauriac, and a son, Cosmo, 1, with her new husband, Colin Jost, talked about how having children has changed the kind of work she does. “I think it’s important to teach girls and boys that they should look for work that makes them happy,” Johansson said.

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