The Black Cultural Influence at ComplexCon


Black culture is shown to be strong at ComplexCon through streetwear, shoes, food, and music. It is where BIPOC-inspired trends start.

This event took place on November 19 and 20 in Long Beach, California. The Japanese artist Verdy ran the festival, which showed the future of pop culture, including businesses owned by people of color.

Trinidad At ComplexCon, James showed off his new clothing line, Homework. At ComplexCon, Trinidad James talked about Dad Socks, a sock company owned by Black people that works with PGA.

Trinidad James said of ComplexCon’s Black culture, “When it comes to Black culture, which is one of the most powerful forces in the world, it’s vibranium.” He acknowledged the uniqueness, emotion, passion, and strength of the community.

“Everywhere, black culture is emphasized. If you don’t help, we’ll make it worse. That’s wonderful. I like to take part and learn from it. Trinidad “I love being a gatekeeper when I can and a learner when I have to,” said James.

Deland London, the owner of Vertebrae, said at ComplexCon, “Black culture is a part of everything we do every day.” London said that “ComplexCon is for marketing and product placement,” and that “product placement is the best thing for any brand.”

Vertebrae, which is based in Atlanta, makes high-end streetwear. Vertebrae is a unisex brand. Other clothing brands at ComplexCon that were owned by Black people were Royal.2, Carrots, and Union.

The Black Cultural Influence at ComplexCon

Ashley Pointer, an NPR Music Social Media Production Assistant, said, “A lot of fashion and things that are very common in our communities come from our imagination. We make it shine with what we’ve got and what we can get.”

“It gives everyone a reason to recycle and think creatively. That has a lot to do with what’s going on here (ComplexCon). It’s nice to see people exploring new locations. It’s the reusing spirit of our community.”

There were three parts to ComplexCon: the convention center, the Eat Your Feed Festival, and the space where big names played on the last night. The main acts were Pusha T, Clipse, Kodak Black, Teriyaki Boyz, and Nigo, who owns Bape.

There was both American and Asian food at the Eat Your Feed Festival. Kevin Hart’s new vegan restaurant, Hart House, had healthy options in addition to All Flavor No Grease (AFNG).

“Shout out to ComplexCon,” said Keith Garrett, the owner of AFNG. I appreciate the offer and can’t wait until next year. It’s a big event that keeps getting bigger every year. ComplexCon shows how exciting Black culture is. It shows how clothing, shoes, food, and music trends are influenced by BIPOC.

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