The Ex-husband of a Norwegian Princess Commits Suicide


A family spokesman, Geir Hkonsund, said that novelist Ari Behn, who used to be married to a Norwegian princess, killed himself on Christmas Day.

“It breaks our hearts so much to tell you that Ari Behn killed himself today,” says his very close family. “We request that our privacy be respected in the future,” Hkonsund stated in a statement.

Behn, who was 47 years old, was the ex-husband of Princess Martha Louise, the oldest child and fourth in line to the throne of Norway’s King Harald V and Queen Sonja. On Behn’s website, it says that they got married in 2002 and that they filed for divorce in 2016.

The split was finalized in 2017. Two years ago, Behn made headlines when he said that actor Kevin Spacey had sexually grabbed him and suggested that they go outside.

In a statement released on Wednesday, King Harald and Queen Sonja said that Behn was “an important part of our family for many years” and that they will miss him.

“We are grateful to have met him. “We mourn the loss of our grandchildren’s wonderful father and have tremendous compassion for his parents and siblings, who have also lost their beloved son and brother,” the statement stated.

The Ex-husband of a Norwegian Princess Commits Suicide

Behn was a Norwegian writer who, according to his website, wrote three novels, three collections of short stories, and three plays. He wrote a book with Princess Martha Louise about their wedding, and his website says he has modeled for “a clothing chain.”

Several Charges

In an interview with Norway’s P4 in December 2017, Behn talked about a time when Spacey hosted a Nobel Prize concert. Behn said, “I have a #MeToo story about Kevin Spacey.”

“We were having a nice talk about theatre and drama, as well as the small theatre in London called the Wick.” While we were sitting next to each other, we had a great talk.

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After about five minutes, he said, “Hey, let’s go outside and have a cigarette,” and then he grabbed me by the balls from under the table. “I said something like, ‘Maybe later,'” Behn told the person who was interviewing him.

Several men have said that Spacey sexually abused them, but in his radio interview, Behn says that the situation was more strange and funny than abusive. The 2007 Nobel Peace Prize concert was hosted by both Spacey and Uma Thurman.

The actor was fired from the Netflix show “House of Cards” before the end of the show’s final season because he was accused of sexual assault and harassment. CNN has asked Spacey to comment on the allegations, but he hasn’t done so yet.

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