The Sussexes Are “Expected to Turn Down” a Royal Christmas Invitation Ahead of Docuseries


If you’re wondering if Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will go back to England for the world’s most awkward holiday season with the royals, the answer is probably not.

King Charles is said to have invited Meghan and Harry to spend Christmas with the royal family in Sandringham, but The Sun says that they are “likely” to turn down the offer because relations are “sour.”

Angela Levin, a royal author, says “Since the Queen is dead, there won’t be as much pressure to get everyone together, which is good since it looks like Harry and Meghan won’t be there.

She went on to say that “Harry and Meghan aren’t coming” and that their absence may be “comforting for the rest of the family” since the Sussexes’ Netflix docuseries is likely to cause some tension in the coming weeks.

Levin said, “It’s up to the Sussexes if they want their kids to meet their father’s family, but it’s also possible that the royals won’t want them there after the documentary.”

“Since there has been no sign that Meghan and Harry will talk about the royals in their docuseries (Meghan has only said that it is a love story about her and Harry’s relationship), the family seems to be spinning over…nothing.

But Harry’s memoir, which will come out after the holidays in January and will be about his family, will talk about some tougher issues.

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