The Turnip Prize Winner Was Inspired by Holly and Phil’s Queue-jump Row


The winner of a parody art prize said he was inspired by the scandal about Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby skipping the line to see the Queen’s casket.

“Cue Jumpers” by Lie Instate won the Turnip Prize. It was a snooker cue with two tiny sweaters on it.

After it came out that the hosts of “This Morning” did not wait in line to pay their respects to the late monarch, the media went crazy. The competition is put on by a bar in Somerset, and it is meant to make fun of the Turner Prize.

It was first shown in 1999 in response to Tracey Emin’s unmade bed, which was on display at the Tate Gallery at the time. Recipients are asked to make something “they think is bad art” with as little work as possible.

A movie projector from London named Lie Instate said that Schofield got the jumpers for his “masterpiece” from his puppet friend Gordon the Gopher, who he used to work with when he was a children’s TV host in the 1990s.

The Turnip Prize Winner Was Inspired by Holly and Phil's Queue-jump Row

As he took his medal, which was a turnip attached to a wooden base, the artist said: “When I went to see Gordon the Gopher in rehab, I got the idea to bring Phillip Schofield down through the power of art.

“Gordon was very kind and let me use two of his jumpers for the piece. At that point, I knew it was done. “It’s a great honor, and I’m thrilled to have won this prestigious award. Now I can feed my five kids for Christmas.”

This year, there were 69 entries for the Turnip Prize. “It’s amazing that Lie Instate won. He has what it takes to be known in the art world right now, and he’ll be famous in art history in no time,” said the event’s organizer, Trevor Prideaux.

At the New Inn in Wedmore, you can see the work of the four finalists until Friday. “Any submissions that are still at the pub on December 9 will be thrown away,” Mr. Prideaux said.

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