The Wife of Jason David Frank Verifies the Reason of Death


The suicide of Jason David Frank has been confirmed by his wife. The actor had Skye and Hunter with his ex-wife Shawna and Jenna and Jacob with his widow Tammie Frank, who he was married to from 2003 until his death last month.

Skye and Hunter were with Shawna, and Jenna and Jacob were with Tammie. He died last month at the age of 49, and Tammie has now confirmed the cause of his death.

She said this in an interview with PEOPLE magazine: “My name is Tammie Frank. A few weeks ago, my husband, Jason David Frank, killed himself.

“Some people knew the name Jason, but our lives were pretty normal. We had ups and downs like everyone else. “It has shocked and saddened me so much to see how the media has changed the pain of my family.

“Since Jason died, I’ve been picked on online, and I can’t stand to see my husband’s good name ruined.” She also said that her husband had “struggled with mental health issues” in the past, but she had no idea he was thinking about killing himself.

She went on to say: “I loved my husband very much, and we were trying to work out our problems. I am just as shocked as everyone else by his death.

“I had no idea that Jason was thinking about giving up. Yes, he had had problems with his mental health and depression in the past, but I didn’t know what would happen that night.”

The Wife of Jason David Frank Verifies the Reason of Death

Even though her husband had his “demons,” she said he was a “good man” and “human, just like the rest of us.” They “originally planned to break up,” but she said that on November 19, they “called off” their breakup and started “mending our relationship.”

“Don’t get me wrong, we had ups and downs and many problems during our 19-year marriage,” she said. “But this year was by far the hardest for us.”

Her daughter from a previous relationship, Shayla, died a year ago. “Losing her and helping raise her baby son” hurt their own marriage, but six weeks ago, after making plans to split up, they decided to get back together.

They rented two hotel rooms to get away from his snoring. After a good night, she went to the lobby to buy “snacks.”

When she came back 10 minutes later, no one answered the door. When the police arrived, they opened the door and found that Jason had killed himself.

Then she said: “All we want to do is remember Jason and our best times with him while getting over the pain of losing him. During this terrible time, I just want people to be kind and understanding.”

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