Tom Brady Dismisses ‘bs’ Buccaneers Excuses: ‘when You Lose, You Shouldn’t Sleep at Night’


Tom Brady isn’t about to make excuses for some of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ mistakes in their overtime loss to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, which dropped the team below.500.

Brady completed 29 of 43 passes for 246 yards and two touchdowns, one to Chris Godwin and the other to Ko Kieft. He had a chance to give the Buccaneers the lead or win in overtime, but the team was unable to score. A long Nick Chubb run was all it took to set up the game-winning score.

Brady told legendary sportscaster Jim Gray on Monday’s episode of the “Let’s Go!” podcast that he hadn’t slept well after the loss.

“It’s been a long night.” “As you can imagine, I haven’t slept well,” Brady admitted. “And I think one important thing we discussed today was a 24-hour rule in sports: if things don’t go your way and you don’t win the game, deal with it for 24 hours and then move on.”

“I’m about to hit the 24-hour mark, and then I’ll start thinking about what this week has in store for me.” Our team suffered a crushing defeat. We did a lot of good things, but there were also a lot of bad things.

And, in the end, it just leads to a difficult road loss. Nobody can afford road accidents at this time of year. We most emphatically cannot. But we’re going to keep fighting as hard as we have all season.”

Brady and Gray discussed the offense’s lack of consistency. While the defense ranks in the top ten in terms of points and yards allowed, the offense ranks only 27th in terms of points scored and 18th in terms of yards gained.

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“Well, I think it’s a consistency for our team, you know, so many positive plays and then undone by kind of untimely mistakes.” And it’s not just one player or one position,” Brady explained.”

Tom Brady dismisses 'BS' excuses for Bucs loss: 'You shouldn't sleep at night when you lose' | Fox News

Football is the ultimate team sport, and I’ve always believed that as a leader, you take the blame and give the credit.” And that’s just how I always feel because that’s what leadership is all about. I always consider what I can do better.

“I had a chance in overtime to hit Mike [Evans] down the sideline and I didn’t get it done.” … You can succumb to outside noise and everyone telling you, “Oh, it’s not your fault; it’s someone else’s fault.” That, I believe, is nonsense.

When you lose, it is your fault, and you take it personally. And you should not sleep when you lose. And you should only consider what you can do to help the team. And that’s what I lay in bed thinking about after games.

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It’s a difficult situation to be in, having a losing record, but that’s our reality, and we’ve done nothing to earn more. And if you want to win a game, a fight, a golf match, or your Monopoly [game], you have to work for it. Nobody is going to hand it to you. You have to go out there every day and try to earn it through continuous improvement.”

When asked if everyone bears equal responsibility for the loss, Brady said he was “absolutely” certain his teammates did.

The Buccaneers are 5-6 and face the New Orleans Saints in a crucial divisional game Monday night.

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