Uncle Barry Windham’s ‘massive’ Heart Attack: Bray Wyatt Speaks Out


Barry Windham, who is in the WWE Hall of Fame, had a heart attack last week and was taken to the hospital. When his family told the wrestling world that the 62-year-old had been released from the hospital, everyone was happy. Bray Wyatt, Windham’s nephew and a WWE star, thanked fans on Instagram.

Wyatt said in the Instagram video, “Usually, I keep a lot of my outside life separate from what I do here or in the ring.” “I appreciate everyone’s love and support since I came back and throughout my career.

Always having fights. My father, uncles, and grandfather, who were all pro wrestlers, were all people I looked up to. I thought of them as immortal Greek gods who never felt pain. As we get older and I grow up, you’ll see that’s not true. Neverlasting.”

Wyatt: “This week, my uncle Barry Windham had a major heart attack in Atlanta. He stopped breathing for 10–20 minutes. He left. Michael Todd Laylick deserves my thanks. Someone who didn’t know him gave him CPR and stayed with him until the EMTs arrived.

This saved Barry’s life. Barry Windham is still alive and has worked hard at his job all his life. This is his life, just like mine. You did a lot of work, and I’m glad he’s back.”

Wyatt said that his sister set up a GoFundMe campaign for Windam that has raised almost $46,000. In 2012, Windham went into the WWE Hall of Fame with the Four Horsemen.

Windam won the WWE Tag Team Championship twice, the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, the NWA United States Championship, and the WCW World Television Championship.

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