Week 17 Playoff Prospects for the New York Giants


Sunday, December 30, 2022, will be the last home game of the regular season for the New York Giants. They will play the Indianapolis Colts.

But what if something unexpected happens and the Giants, who are this week’s betting favourites, lose?

Even if the Giants lose at home against the Colts, they could still make the playoffs in three other ways. Here are the possible situations:

  • Washington and Seattle must lose against the Browns and Jets, respectively, OR
  • All of Washington, Detroit’s game against the Bears, and Green Bay’s game against Minnesota must be lost, OR
  • All three teams lose their games: Detroit, Seattle, and Green Bay.

The easiest thing to happen is for the Giants to beat the Colts, which would give them no worse than the fifth seed in a playoff field with seven seeds. But if the Giants lose and none of these three things happen, they can still make the playoffs if they beat the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field in Week 18.

If you’re wondering, the Eagles can win the division and get home-field advantage in the playoffs this weekend. However, if they lose to the Saints, the Cowboys would have to lose for the Eagles to win the division, and the 49ers and Vikings would have to lose for the Eagles to get home-field advantage.

Brian Daboll, the head coach of the Giants, has repeatedly told the media not to talk about the playoffs. However, he did say that a win for Giants fans, who haven’t had much to cheer about for most of the last ten years, would be something for the team.

“We work very hard every week to put a good product on the field,” Daboll said Monday. “One of the reasons is for our fans.” “It’s important to us to have a big game at home in late December. I know they care about it. And we’ll do everything in our power to be ready.”

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