‘what About Now?’: Julia Harley-brewer Mocked Over Andrew Tate Tweet


After Andrew Tate was arrested, Julia Hartley-Brewer was criticised for saying that she would save him over Greta Thunberg. This week, the British radio host and journalist joined the fight between Tate and Thunberg on the internet.

Tate, a 36-year-old former kickboxer and internet star, and Thunberg, who is 19, have been fighting for a while. Thunberg’s response was so mean that it was called the best Twitter moment of 2022.

Tate sent her a video of himself smoking a cigar while wearing a red dressing gown as a response. In the tape, which people on Twitter called “pure cringe,” he says that the activist for the environment was talking about herself when she answered his question.

Hartley-Brewer, who is 54, supported Tate in a post that has been called “ableist” by some people. “I’d take Andrew Tate’s life over a half-educated, autistic, doom-mongering eco-cultist any day,” the TalkTV host tweeted. “And my only car is a diesel Tiguan.”

Owen Jones, a Guardian blogger, told Hartley-Brewer that calling Thunberg “autistic” was a “insult.” Hartley-Brewer then deleted the message and retweeted it without the word “autistic.”

Hartley-Brewer explained why she deleted the tweet: “Even though I only made a passing reference to it because she talks about it in her own Twitter bio, someone chose to disagree with a fact. Even though she called him “little d***.” Yawn.”

Hartley-tweet Brewer’s has been made fun of recently. Tate was caught in Romania for raping and trafficking people. If he hadn’t replied to Thunberg’s tweet, he might have been arrested. He was arrested after he shared the video.

Jerry’s Pizza boxes were in his video response to Thunberg, which the police used to prove he was in the country. Thunberg made another joke in response to the news.

‘what About Now' Julia Harley-brewer Mocked Over Andrew Tate Tweet

Your s***ty tweet looks great now! Hartley-Brewer wrote this, and someone else said, “In record time, too!” Third person: “Every time?” while showing a picture of Tate being taken from his home by police.

You said, “Every time.” “Your words,” said someone else. “How is this going for you at the moment?” someone else. Fifth person: “Have you decided differently yet?” You are ashamed. “Oof!” wrote someone else. “Maybe delete.”

“Are you also going to delete this, Julia?” “This is coming full circle,” said someone else. “Now what?” You haven’t said much since he was arrested for rape and sex trafficking.” The Independent got in touch with Hartley-spokesperson Brewer’s.

Tate was a kickboxer on the far right. He was kicked off Twitter because he said that women are “to blame” for sexual assault. Social media brought him back.

Tate’s account has been blocked on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Misogyny is a terrible idea that can’t be tolerated, so TikTok got rid of him.

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