When Did Pat and Jen Call It Quits? What Happened Between Them?


PopularMMOs on YouTube is run by Patrick Brown, who is a well-known player. Only Minecraft videos are on his Let’s Play channel. He has a big fan base because of the gaming videos he makes.

Bellie, Captain Cookie, The Disgusted Man, and Carter are some of his most well-known characters. People like his hide-and-seek challenges, vlogs, World of Warcraft episodes, and Crafting Dead episodes. The names of his channels are different.

The games are Pat vs. the World and Dungeon Noob Adventure. He has more than 17.3 million YouTube fans. His older videos got 7 billion views, but only 2 million people have watched his newer ones.

One of his creative channel challenges is the Best Rank Challenge. Another is the Leaderboard Challenge. In 2012, he made a YouTube channel. After two years, his popularity took off. In just a few days, he got tens of thousands of YouTube subscribers.

She posted videos on YouTube. YouTuber who is suspicious, dangerous, and funny. Even though he kills his pets in his games, he used to work at a pet store and is a supporter of animals.

When Did Pat and Jen Call It Quits What Happened Between Them

His best friends are Kitty, Sparky, Bomby, and other girls who play games. He feels lucky to do what he loves for a living. His dedication and creativity in making movies make sure that his audiences always have a good time. His audience loves him and his wife Jen, who shares most of his videos.

When Did Pat and Jen Break Up?

Pat and Jen broke up in May 2019. They said so in a video on Pat’s channel. At the beginning of 2019, PopularMMOs posted “We are breaking up,” which has been seen by more than 8 million people.

They did say in the video that they broke up before the video was made, but they didn’t tell anyone about it until after the video came out. Pat and Jen broke up in 2019. In a video, they said “they both deserve to be happy” as a reason.

Pat said, “Jen does want to have kids, I do not.” We all deserve to be happy. They broke up because they are “very different people” with “different things we each want to do in life,” but this wasn’t the only reason.

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