Who Are Tyson Fury’s Parents? John, Tommy, and a Gypsy Boxing Dynasty Are Described


As Tyson Fury gets ready to fight Derek Chisora, a former opponent, for his WBC heavyweight title, there is a whiff of pantomime around sports’ most important trophy.

Fury is going into his 34th professional fight without a loss, and he has already beaten Chisora twice by huge margins. Chisora has 33 wins to Fury’s 32, but he has also lost 12 times.

Because Chisora and Fury have been friends for years outside of the ring, fight week has had a lighthearted feel that you might not expect from a 12-round fight for the world heavyweight title.

Still, even when Fury is all business by his standards, his family always brings something special to the situation. Here, we meet the extended family of a family that loves to travel and is interested in sweet science. Now is the time to face the Furys.

Tyson Fury’s father?

John Fury was born in Ireland and grew up in Manchester, England. From 1987 to 1991, “Gypsy John” had an average Queensberry Rules career. In his last fight, he was knocked out by the future WBO heavyweight champion Henry Akinwande.

After losing to Steve Garber four years later, Fury Sr. left the sport. In 2011, he was given 11 years in prison for gouging out a man’s eye during a fight over a car. After four years, he was let out of prison and went back to coaching Tyson during his early years.

In 2015, after Tyson beat Wladimir Klitschko, Fury held a heated press conference. Since then, he has been a vocal member of Team Fury. He recently challenged Jake Paul in Dubai. The 58-year-old leftovers never came to be.

“Tyson Fury’s dad is a moron,” Dillian Whyte told iFL TV after an argument with Tyson Fury’s father before their fight at Wembley earlier this year. “Bro, you’re turning 100, and you’re moving forward. My dad is older than John Fury, so he can fight him.”

Who Are Tyson Fury's Parents John, Tommy, and a Gypsy Boxing Dynasty Are Described

Is Tyson Fury Trained by Peter Fury?

Peter Fury, who was John’s brother, was a drug kingpin in Manchester. In 1995, he got 10 years for having drugs with the intent to sell them. In 2008, he got two years for laundering money.

After he got out of the army, he focused on boxing training because he had lost his job. His late uncle Hughie, who was the brother of Peter and John, coached Tyson Fury in his first 16 professional fights. Tyson and Chris Johnson beat Neven Pajkic in the third round, but Pajkic was knocked out for the first time by an overhand right.

He beat Martin Rogan in Belfast in April 2012 by boxing from a southpaw stance and using better footwork.

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Peter set up his nephew’s impressive win over Klitschko, which was their last fight together. Tyson joined Ben Davison and Sugar Hill Steward after a two-and-a-half-year break.

In 2021, John Fury said on Rob Moore’s Disruptors Podcast, “Boxing… that’s the bad side of it, but we won’t talk about that,” that he and Peter were no longer together.

The 54-year-old taught Savannah Marshall how to do her job. His other well-known student lives nearby.

Is Hughie Fury the Brother of Tyson Fury?

Tyson’s cousin Hughie Fury is a heavyweight contender. In September 2017, then-WBO champion Joseph Parker defeated the 28-year-old British heavyweight champion for the first time. John Fury called the ringside judges “political b******s” after the Parker fight.

Hughie Fury has a record of 26-3 with 15 knockouts, but he has lost to Kubrat Pulev and Alexander Povetkin.

Who Are Tyson Fury's Parents John, Tommy, and a Gypsy Boxing Dynasty Are Described

Hughie has had acne for a long time, which makes him tired during and after battles. Since he beat Christian Hammer in October 2021, he hasn’t boxed because of the effects of long-Covid.

Is Tommy Fury the Brother of Tyson Fury?

Tommy Fury, Tyson Fury’s brother, is also a well-known boxer. Tommy Fury, an 8-0 (4 KOs) light-heavyweight coached by John Fury, last competed in April on his elder brother’s Wembley show. He didn’t play many people.

A long-running fight with YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has failed to escalate within the ropes. He fought Rolly Lambert in November in Dubai at Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s show. After coming in second on Love Island in 2019, Tommy became interested in celebrity and YouTube boxing.

Which of Tyson Fury’s Cousins is in the Box?

The boxing history of the Fury family goes beyond the name. Isaac Lowe and Hosea Burton are Tyson Fury’s cousins. They are former British featherweight and light-heavyweight champions.

Nathan Gorman lost Fabio Wardley in a three-round shootout last month. It was his second try to win the heavyweight Lonsdale championship. Gorman is a Fury, and his grandfather, Bartley Gorman, was a bare-knuckle boxer.

The Furys and Andy Lee, who used to be the WBO middleweight champion, are both on the road. The grandmothers of both he and Tyson were the same.

Lee put Fury and Steward together, which helped them work together well for Tyson’s second fight with Deontay Wilder. He worked as Fury’s assistant trainer in Las Vegas, continuing a family tradition on what might have been his cousin’s best night ever.

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