Who Did Dodi Fayed Date Before Princess Diana?


Who did Dodi Fayed date before marrying Princess Diana? This is something that has recently piqued people’s interest. Yes, we’re referring to the late Egyptian film producer.

Everyone was aware of Princess Diana’s relationship with King Charles. Even their divorce settlement sparked a lot of controversy on the internet because it involved the British royal family. Diana began dating Dodi Fayed less than a month after her divorce.

To begin with, Dodi Fayed was also known as the son of the summer host, Mohamed Al-Fayed. More specifically, Dodi served as the executive producer of several films, including Chariots of Fire, Breaking Glass, and The Scarlet Letter. In on-screen love stories, the lovers frequently die together. Similarly, Diana and Dodi were killed in a car accident in Paris in 1997.

Even though their love story ended that year, people are curious about who he dated before that. Here’s everything you need to know about Dodi Fayed’s previous relationships before marrying the Princess of Wales.

Dodi Fayed’s Relationship Before Diana: Who Was She?

Dodi Fayed went out with Kelly Fisher, an American model, before she was linked to Princess Diana in a romantic way. A lot of you don’t know who Kelly Fisher is. She was a model from Louisville, Kentucky, after all. But years later, when her father got a new job, she and her family moved to Toronto.

Kelly used to be with Dodi Fayed. She was a model for Armani and Victoria’s Secret. She was so successful that Marie Claire put her on the front cover.

How did the relationship between Dodi Fayed and Kelly Fisher start? In 1996, they met for the first time in Paris. They soon fell in love. But can you guess what’s the worst? At the same time that Dodi Fayed was dating Princess Diana, he didn’t know it at first.

Who Did Dodi Fayed Date Before Princess Diana

When photos of Dodi Fayed kissing Diana went viral, Kelly Fisher found out about their affair. It was very sad because it was late. Did you know that Dodi Fayed and Kelly Fisher are also engaged?

Yes! She said that the film producer asked her to marry him by giving her a sapphire and diamond ring. But it turned out that everything was wrong. What is it? Dodi’s family, especially his father, denied the rumours that he was getting married. Besides that, he called her the “gold digger” and the “hooker.”

On the other hand, Dodi asked Kelly’s mother if he could marry her daughter. She said that no one’s daughter should be treated the way her daughter was. Kelly loved him and trusted him, but he was cruel to her.” Dodi Fayed’s mother says that Dodi Fayed should be ashamed of herself.

On the other hand, Dodi Fayed’s relationship with Kelly Fisher caused a lot of trouble. They didn’t tell everyone they were dating, so not everyone knew.

Dodi Fayed had a very bad relationship with Kelly Fisher before she met Princess Diana. What did it mean? He supposedly gave her $500,000 to stop being a model and spend more time with him. Instead, he gave her $60,000 in cash and a check for $200,000 that was bad.

Dodi Fayed seems to have treated Kelly Fisher badly as a partner and as a person, now that she knows everything.

In 1986, Dodi Fayed and Sussane Gregard got married. But they were only married for eight months instead of a year. When Sussane found out that Dodi was having an affair with actress Claudia Christian, she asked for a divorce.

Dodi Fayed isn’t alive anymore. All of his bad behaviour and rude actions have been for nothing.

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