With ‘a New Diva’s Christmas Carol,’ Ashanti Revisits a Cult Classic


Ashanti had a lot of big moments in 2022, like performing at the ESSENCE Festival of Culture, putting out her first children’s book, getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and using her voice to speak up for herself.

The singer and actress sat down with ESSENCE to talk about all things holiday, like their big plans for the New Year and a new holiday movie that families can watch together on their PTO days.

Ashanti has released a new single with Yung Blue and re-recorded her first album, Ashanti, to celebrate its 20th anniversary. She also stars in A NEW Diva’s Christmas Carol, which is a sequel to Vanessa Williams’ cult classic A Diva’s Christmas Carol from 2000.

Ashanti says, “It’s a fun movie.” “It’s a movie for the whole family with some great women.” In this version of the story, Ashanti plays Aphrodite, a diva who wrote the love ballad of a generation but now hates it and doesn’t want to sing it because of her own problems with her family and her romantic relationships.

As the meanest judge on a singing competition show, she has to face her past, present, and possible future on Christmas to realise she has been wrong. The singer says that the song’s message to get over past hurt and move forward in love is “a really good message that we can all relate to.”

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