A Manhunt is Underway for the Suspect After a Couple Was Discovered Stabbed to Death in Their Home


Officials are looking for a person who is accused of stabbing and beating to death an elderly couple in their Massachusetts home. The attack seems to have been planned.

Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz says that when police went to check on the couple’s welfare on Tuesday night, they found both of them dead with “clear signs of trauma.”

Cruz said at a press conference on Wednesday morning, “Both victims were killed by being stabbed and hit with a heavy object.” The event happened in Marshfield, a city in Plymouth County about 30 miles southeast of Boston.

Carl and Vicki Mattson, who are both 70, were confirmed to be the victims. Cruz says that Vicki Mattson would have turned 71 on Wednesday. He didn’t say when these people died.

Cruz says that investigators have named a suspect in the killings: Christopher Keeley, 27, who knew the couple and was friends with them. He said that a possible reason for what happened is being looked into.

Cruz said, “This doesn’t look like an act of violence that was done for no reason.” “It looks like this attack was well-planned.” Authorities don’t know where Keeley is at this point.

A Manhunt is Underway for the Suspect After a Couple Was Found Stabbed to Death in Their Home

Cruz also said, “We don’t know how long he’s been gone.” Cruz said that he will be arrested in Marshfield on a homicide warrant. A police advisory says that Keeley is known to carry knives. Police say that he should be thought of as armed and dangerous.

Cruz said that the suspect was last seen driving a black 2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited that had been moved from the area. According to the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office, the car was later found empty in a parking lot in Avon, about 20 miles west of Marshfield.

The Massachusetts State Police confirmed on Twitter that they are still looking for Christopher Keeley. Crispy was another name for Keeley, who was white, 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighed 140 pounds, and had blonde hair and blue eyes. Authorities say he might have changed his appearance by dying his hair red.

Officials say that the last place they knew he lived was in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

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