According to a Royal Expert, Prince Harry Will Be Barred From Returning to the United Kingdom


A royal expert told us that Prince Harry won’t be welcome in the UK, even though his docuseries with Meghan Markle were criticized. “I don’t think they’ll be accepted. Thursday, reporter Tom Bower told Page Six that it’s likely that the Sussexes won’t go to the coronation of King Charles III.

Brower said that the Duke of Sussex, who is 38, is no longer part of the British royal family, and that the Duchess of Sussex, who is 41, has also cut herself off from the family.

I think he’s just going quiet. Bower said, “He’s making himself an outsider, and I don’t think anyone will be looking to see if he’s welcome here.” “And… She’s done with her now for sure. Almost finished.”

Harry’s dad “hates confrontation,” so no one knows what will happen at the coronation. He thinks that Harry’s relationship with King Charles is over.

“Charles doesn’t like trouble… So, in his first televised speech after the Queen died, he told Harry and Meghan, “We love you,” Bower said. But the love has been turned down.

Bower said that it will be hard for Harry to get along with his family again because Markle wants “fame and money.” Bower said that Meghan only cares about her fame and money and not about the royal family. “They didn’t give her what she wanted, which was to be famous and famous on her terms,” he said. “Now she’s going to use this against them.”

According to a Royal Expert, Prince Harry Will Be Barred From Returning to the United Kingdom

This week, the show “Harry & Meghan” came out on Netflix. In the limited series, the couple talked about their plans to quit being royal in 2020 and move to California. There were also photos and videos of Markle and Harry’s two children, Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1-year-old, that had never been seen before.

They also talk about the stress of falling in love in public and having paparazzi follow them around. After the Netflix video got a lot of bad press, Markle and Harry said on Friday that they were not leaving the royal family because they were worried about their privacy.

“Their statement about their decision to step down says nothing about privacy and says again that they want to continue their roles and public duties,” the couple’s press secretary, Ashley Hansen, told the New York Times on Thursday. Any different idea speaks to the main point of this series.

“They are choosing to tell their story on their terms, but the tabloid media has made up a completely false story that is all over the news and in people’s minds,” the representative said. There’s proof of it.”

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