According to Sources, T.J. Holmes Had an Affair With a Third Woman


It can now reveal that Robach isn’t the only woman Holmes has had a relationship with while working at ABC. ET revealed earlier this week that the TV star had an affair with a producer who departed the morning show in 2017.

Furthermore, two people told that Holmes was romantically involved with a third woman who no longer works at the network.

In terms of when Holmes and Robach started dating, a second source indicates that the GMA3 co-hosts didn’t start dating until late August.

Another source told that Holmes’ wife, attorney Marilee Fiebig, became suspicious of his acquaintance with 49-year-old Robach this summer while celebrating his 45th birthday in the Bahamas.

“They had already been through so much trying to repair their marriage following his affair with the former GMA producer, and then she saw a birthday card from Amy that looked all too familiar,” the insider claims. “After that, [Marilee] was done.”

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' Relationship Was Known by 'So Many' at GMA

For the time being, Holmes and Robach are off the air as ABC officials determine how to proceed in the aftermath of the co-hosts’ connection. According to a source, this decision was not a disciplinary action.

it has been reported that the two journalists divorced their husbands this summer, Holmes from Fiebig and Robach from actor Andrew Shue. Since 2010, they have been married.

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“Everything was enjoyable, flirty at times, but always professional,” a source claimed of Robach and Holmes’ time on the GMA set.

“Everyone is talking about the romance. Employees are filled with conflicting emotions because these two are highly respected inside the firm and are also two consenting adults going about their lives “Last week, another source told.

“Everyone was waiting for the bosses to intervene, and now that they have, it’s just a waiting game.”

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