After the Balenciaga Scandal, Gucci and Harry Styles Are Getting Heat for a “Creepy” Ad for a Toddler Bed


It’s called Balenciaga 2.0 because fashion brands don’t seem to be able to make ads that make sense anymore. People are mad at Gucci and Harry Styles because the “As It Was” singer was in his HA Ha Ha Gucci ads. This campaign’s photos came out a few weeks after Balenciaga’s last controversial campaign.

Another Unusual Advertising Campaign

After Gucci’s HA HA HA ad with Harry Styles, the company that owns Balenciaga, Kering, is in the middle of another PR crisis. On November 2, the Italian company put out an ad in which the “As It Was” singer wore a teddy bear T-shirt and stood next to a crib mattress.

Gucci The whole point of HA HA HA is to have fun.

“After all, it is the onomatopoeic sound of the written essence of the ‘laughing face’ emoji, as well as the serial crasis of ‘Harry’ and ‘Alessandro,'” the brand said in November.

When this campaign was first put out, Gucci called it a “performance piece.” “It starts with small mistakes that come together to form childlike ideas. It then turns into a “dream wardrobe,” which shows how the two creative minds behind the collection think,” the brand said.

Styles, who has worked for Gucci for years, posed with an angry pink bear in front of a child-size mattress on Instagram. This is a reference to his Grammy-winning song “Watermelon Sugar,” which says, “I want more berries and that summer feeling.”

After the Balenciaga Scandal, Gucci and Harry Styles Are Getting Heat for a Creepy Ad for a Toddler Bed

After Balenciaga’s controversial ad in which child models posed on a bed with teddy bears dressed in bondage gear, the photos caused more outrage.

What Are People Saying?

Fans, like Alexandra Gucci Zarini, who is the granddaughter of Gucci’s founder, have said that the ad is another fashion faux pas. “How could a toddler’s mattress and an adult man be a “performance piece”?” Zarini wrote a message and put it on Instagram.

“One thing that worries me is that it seems like all of Kering’s fashion houses have the same ideas.” “A grown man sleeping on a toddler mattress with a teddy bear on his shirt,” wrote someone else. Symbolism will destroy them. “

“Why are all the people who make ads for fashion brands sick creeps?” asked one person. “It’s just a child’s mattress and a teddy bear shirt. If you’re not a perv, there’s nothing to see here,” said someone else.

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“But, really, @Harry Styles, what is trendy about any of this? Your sunglasses? The twin-sized mattress is different than most. What’s the meaning? “What’s the point?” Someone else asked, “Why are actors so clueless?

You’re wearing a pink teddy bear and a kids’ mattress.” Another person spoke out against the brand and said, “It’s time to get rid of the Gucci things I own.” Goodbye, Gucci!”

This campaign was made by Alessandro Michele, who used to be the creative director of Gucci. The Italian fashion house Gucci said in late November that Michele had left the company after seven years. The fashion label hasn’t said anything about the situation yet, even though they’ve been asked.

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