Andre Drummond Dating: Who is Andre Drummond’s Girlfriend?


He plays for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA, which is a big-league basketball team in the United States. His name was chosen ninth overall in the first round of the 2012 NBA draught. During high school, Drummond was one of the best basketball players in the country. He played one season of college basketball for the Connecticut Huskies before he decided to go to school during the drought.

At this point, he had been on the NBA All-Rookie Second Team with the Detroit Pistons. In 2016, he was chosen for his first All-Star game. He was on the U.S. team that won the FIBA Basketball World Cup gold medal in 2014. If you like to dance, Andre is also a great rapper.

Girlfriend of Andre Drummond

This is how it looks right now Andre isn’t dating anyone, but he used to be with many women. When it comes to his love life, as well as his gaming history, things are very interesting. Back in 2013, Andre started dating an American singer named Jennette McCurdy.

This made his dating history public. When they were together, the media did a good job of covering them. They broke up in 2015.


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After he broke up with the singer, Andre started seeing Jenna Shea, an Instagram model, in 2015. Their relationship didn’t work out, and they broke up, too. After dating Candice Brooks for two years in 2015-2016, he broke up with her.

It was in 2018 that Andre met Abigail Russo, the mother of his two-year-old son, Deon King, who was born in 2013. They had a son together in 2019. Influencer: Russo is a person who talks about health and beauty.

He is also a person who wants people to be healthy. They also split up soon after their son was born. Their son is now with them. In 2019, Aubrey EllaRose Costandoni-Drummond was born. The mother of this child was Elizabeth Costadoni, and Andre was her father.


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There have been relationships:

  • Candice Brooks (2015)
  • Jennette McCurdy(2013
  • Andre Drummond has met Jenna Shea, and they’ve been in touch (2015).

Parents and Family of Andre Drummond

Andre was born on August 10, 1993, to Jamaican parents, and he is now 22 years old. Christine Cameron is the name of his mother. It doesn’t say anything about his father. When he grows up he will have another sister named Ariana, and she will be his best friend.

Also, we don’t know anything about his family or parents, so we don’t know anything about him. When Andre was 7, he and his sister moved to Middletown, Connecticut, alone. Andre seems to be close to his mother because she was the only one who moved with them.


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