Are Ben Richardson and His Girlfriend Still Together?


Anna Kendrick, who is dating Ben Richardson, is best known as a well-known actress. The couple has been together for eight years, since they started dating in 2014. Since they broke up, no one knows for sure if they were engaged or not.

Anna Kendrick has always kept her personal relationships private, even though she has been in some of the highest-grossing movies of the year. She doesn’t talk about her partners in public, and she never puts anything on the internet about them.

The actress seems to have broken her silence about her love life by talking openly on journalist Dax Shepard’s show Armchair Expert about an affair she had with him in the past.

“Well, it’s not easy to keep it secret, as you’re showing me right now,” Anna said to a journalist from Fairfax Media during an interview. Anna was in the 2013 independent movie Drinking Buddies, which was made by Ben.

Even though she never said for sure how they met, this is likely how they started dating. In the movie Happy Christmas, Ben, who worked with Anna on the well-known movie “The Fault in Our Stars,” brought them back together for work.

Since they started dating, the couple hasn’t been seen on the red carpet together, and they also haven’t posted any Instagram photos of themselves together.

Are Ben Richardson and His Girlfriend Still Together

A few group photos of the two from press conferences for Drinking Buddies and Happy Christmas are making the rounds on the internet.

What Exactly is Anna Kendrick? How Long Did She Have an Affair With Ben Richardson?

Ben Richardson’s girlfriend is a 37-year-old woman named Anna Kendrick. They are said to have started dating in 2014. Her boyfriend’s sign is Virgo, and hers is Leo.

Anna Kendrick is an American actress who has been nominated for an Oscar. She is known for her roles in a number of successful movies, including a big one in Twilight.

She grew up in Portland, Maine, and started her acting career in the famous Broadway musical High Society.

Anna’s first time on stage was in an opera production of Stephen Sondheim’s musical in New York City. She played the lead role and won a Theatre World award for it.

Anna Kendrick sang a version of the hit song “Cups” for the movie “Pitch Perfect,” and she also appeared in the official music video. The song was a huge hit, reaching No. 2 on the US Adult Billboard chart and No. 6 on the US Billboard 100.

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