Asian Doll is Accused of Ignoring the Designer Who Created Her Custom Birthday Dress


This week, the rapper from Dallas was accused of not paying the New York designer Calia Abdul, who had agreed to make a custom outfit for Asian Doll. On Thursday, Abdul shared screenshots of her text conversations with the performer.

β€œWow. Heartbreaking. πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” The designer said, “@asiandabrat made me spend hundreds of dollars on her birthday dress, but then she disappeared ONE DAY BEFORE HER BIRTHDAY.” “Also, @asiandabrat just now sent my design to be copied. Small businesses will lose a lot because of this.

Even though the stars might not care, I spent my own money. She went on, “I didn’t sleep for hours to make her a dress in a hurry that I sent from overseas the next day.” I worked hard on a full diamond front/back gown, and it broke my heart.

Tell me and give me credit for my work. Disheartening.” In a series of tweets, Asian Doll said that the charges were false. The rapper told a Twitter user, “Her outfit was $1,500, and his dress was $2,000.” What, whore? Your rent isn’t $2,000, you jerk. “Watch out!”

Abdul shared more screenshots that showed Asian Doll was following the order. In the text conversations, Asian Doll tells Abdul how big she is and asks him to come to Miami for a fitting. She asked the designer to make a change, but she decided to go with the first design.

“Yes, I should have put down some money. “Life teaches,” Abdul wrote. The order was urgent, so I started making the garment right away. She knew the dress was made by me. I said that the project would take time and cost money. If I had been told not to make it, I wouldn’t have.

When I couldn’t decide, I kept going. This wasn’t meant to be a criticism of the designer who made her copycat outfit at the last minute. Designers often change the way looks are made. Even though I worked hard, she chose another artist’s design.”

Abdul put a video of the diamond-covered dress on Instagram. “She’s still free!” she wrote in the caption. “Thank you for your kindness and love!”

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