Bevin Prince Breaks Her Silence Five Months After Her Husband Was Struck and Killed by Lightning


Bevin Prince, star of One Tree Hill, is speaking out for the first time about her nightmare of losing her 33-year-old husband, William Friend, to a lightning strike.

Prince discussed the sad July 3 incident in North Carolina during an episode of the 1 on 1 With Jon Evans program. They were out doing what they’d done a million times before, she recalled, but this time everything changed in an instant.

“It felt like any other day we’d done a million times,” Prince recalled in an episode that aired Friday. “The storm was a long way away. Everything is good on the boat. And then everything changed in an instant. There is no such thing as normal, and there is no playbook for it.”

Prince and Friend were in a boat near Masonboro Island, off Wilmington’s shore. When Friend was struck by lightning, Prince claims they were next to a vehicle transporting a nurse and former military member.

They provided immediate assistance. She went on to say that the police boat happened to be passing by, and they quickly transferred Friend’s body from the couple’s boat to the police boat.

Hanover County Sheriff’s Marine Unit deputies administered CPR on the 33-year-old CEO before transporting him to the Marina for emergency medical assistance.

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A friend was then transferred to an ambulance, where he was resuscitated for 20 minutes before being pronounced dead.

“There was nothing that could have been done in my opinion,” Prince remarked. “And I have to realize that this is bigger than me and my comprehension at the moment.”

One Tree Hill' Star Bevin Prince Breaks Her Silence Five Months After Husband's Fatally Struck by Lightning | Entertainment Tonight

Prince maintains that she is still taking things day by day and that “some days, it doesn’t seem OK.” When this occurs, Prince says she reminds herself of her possibilities.

“I can either stay in this world or I can’t, and that’s not an option for me,” she says on the show. “So I’m basically just left with one option.

When Will died, I realized, ‘OK, I was fortunate enough to have the kind of love, support, and collaboration that I know so many people will never experience, so my life is now a service,’ and I stated. My life is now dedicated to service.

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That’s all.’ I’m going to do everything I can to serve the people in my community, the people who work with me, my friends, and my family, and I’m going to keep showing up and doing it. That’s all I’ve got. That’s all I can provide. That is your only option.”

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