Bruno Fernandes Takes on New Leadership Role at Manchester United


Bruno Fernandes has said that he likes being Manchester United’s leader in the locker room and is excited to work with the club’s young players.

When centre back Harry Maguire wasn’t playing, the Portugal international often wore the captain’s armband to show the new manager Erik ten Hag that he was a natural leader.

Fernandes said of his new job, “I try to be myself.” “It’s just how I am. I know that some people will like it if they see me talking to or giving information to my teammates, while others will not. I just try to improve things for the team.

“It’s just something I’m good at. I don’t try to do it. I try to help people even in my everyday life. My parents taught me that you should help the next person if you can. I’ll talk if that’s what it takes.”

Fernandes’s job as team leader has given him the chance to work with the new crop of young players at Old Trafford, which he has loved.

He told the young players that one of his main goals for them was to show them how to act. “Do everything your coach tells you to do, and do it all every time you train.

“I try to give young players, no matter how old they are, confidence. I also want them to feel like they are part of the Manchester United family. Not just the first team is involved. And I remember when I was a young player and wanted older players to help me.”

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