Cher Flaunts Huge Diamond Ring While Receiving New Year’s Eve Kiss From ‘daddy’ Ae Edwards: Photos


Cher isn’t doing much to stop the talk that she’s getting married. The 76-year-old pop star took to Twitter in the early hours of 2023 to show off the huge diamond to her 4 million followers and laugh at critics.

In one picture, she looked beautiful in a black dress with a silver-trimmed bustier and a pinstripe jacket. She had blonde curls in her hair and a huge pear-shaped diamond ring on her middle finger as she and Alexander “AE” Edwards, 36, shared a happy moment together.

The two people looked like they were at a big party for New Year’s Eve. “”WHEN DOROTHY SHOT WATER AT THE BAD WITCH AND MELTED HER,” she wrote as the caption for the photo.

In another photo, the “Believe” singer leaned back and happily accepted a kiss on the cheek from the much younger music executive. Once more, the ring stood out on the middle finger of her left hand. In the caption, she wrote, “Happy New Year, Daddy.”

In the comments section, fans of the former Sonny & Cher star raved about how beautiful the photos were. One joked, “Wowzers, Daddy,” and another wrote, “Cher, you look great. Have a great year!” “I love seeing the happiness in your eyes.

Cher Flaunts Huge Diamond Ring While Receiving New Year's Eve Kiss From 'daddy' Ae Edwards Photos

“Isn’t love magic?” a third person asked. Another person said that her mother, Georgia Holt, had just died at the age of 96. “Happy Holidays, Cher!” They wrote, “You look great, and I’m so glad you found love when you were going through such a hard time in your life.”

The ring’s public appearance seems to have fueled rumours of an engagement, but a source told us a few days ago what the expensive piece of jewellery really means to the couple. A source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY for a report on December 27 that it’s “just a gift.”

“AE and Cher are not engaged, but he wanted to show Cher how much he cares about her and thought the ring was beautiful. He thinks she deserves the best, so he wanted to give her something from the bottom of his heart.”

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