Could Kim Kardashian Place Kanye West Under Her Care?


Fans of Ye think he’s crazy. He has been a loser for years without saying he hates Jews. He seems to be in a downward spiral with no end in sight. He has lost his most important relationships, business partnerships, public image, and money.

Like the guardianship of Britney Spears. Britney’s conservator’s father tricked her out of money. People say bad things about celebrity conservatorship. Conservatorships do their jobs well.

If a loved one can’t, a conservator can take care of their money, health care, and property. State law takes care of the assets of people who are disabled or mentally ill and makes personal decisions for them. He lives in California, just like Britney does. The law in California applies.

A court-appointed conservator takes care of the finances and personal needs of a “protected person” (the conservatee) who is legally unable to make decisions about their finances or health care.

A court in California must decide that the person can’t meet their requirements, handle their money, make or communicate important decisions, or meet their obligations.

Conservators can be family members, friends, or experts. Celebrity conservators become famous because of their mental illness or addiction.

Could Kim Kardashian Place Kanye West Under Her Care

The court appoints people to watch over the physical and mental health of celebrities. This means making decisions about where to live, how to get medical care, and how to take care of oneself, including whether or not to go to the hospital.

We still see famous people whose families didn’t do anything to stop someone else from becoming their guardian. Kim Kardashian, who used to be Ye’s wife, might be a conservator. A lawyer is the legal guardian of their children. Her fame meets the requirements for a California conservatorship.

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Since Britney Spears had a conservatorship for ten years, the courts in California accept Kardashian’s knowledge of money. The authorities will look into the child support order that Ye owes Kardashian for $2 million.

Talk about Ye’s guardianship now. When you understand the issues, things become clearer about conservatorship. After what happened with Britney Spears, Governor Newsom wanted to change the laws about conservatorship.

The #FreeBritney law of 2021 made it harder for people to abuse their power as guardians. Last month, Newsom made court-ordered guardianships stronger. The reforms give disabled Californians the most attention.

Conservatories need to be alone. After they are forced, celebrity conservatorships are made public. Ye’s situation can help us learn about guardianships that are forced on people.

He said, “Hurt people hurt.” He doesn’t know people who have been hurt can sue.

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