Drake’s Son Adonis Has Impressive Basketball Skills


Canadian rapper Drake went back on social media to show off his young son Adonis, who is now 5 years old. This time, the rapper known as “Nice for What” shows off Adonis’s basketball skills, which are so good that they might even get the attention of the Toronto Raptors.

Drake posted a video of his son on Instagram where he shows how he can dribble two basketballs at once, one in each hand, and switch between them.

Drake can be heard jokingly calling his son “different” during the session, to which Adonis responds in kind. “I’m not different, bro,” Adonis is overheard telling his famous father. “I’m not different.”

Adonis can be seen trying to shoot the ball by first bouncing it between his legs in a later part of the video. “Please show it to me. Pay the first,” Drake told his son before he took the shot. Drake said, “I’ve got this.”

“No one else is like this guy.” He kept going while laughing at how things were going.

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