Evan Fournier Dating: Who Is Evan Fournier Married to?


He is a French NBA player who is now with the New York Knicks. The Denver Nuggets took him with the 20th pick in the 2012 NBA draught. In the years since then, he has played for three different teams. In 2021, he will join the Knicks. As a shooting guard and small forward for the Knicks, he is currently in the game.

The Girlfriend of Evan Fournier Is

When the 29-year-old NBA star was younger, he already had the woman of his dreams. She is called Laura. They said they’d be together forever and got married in 2018. Evan Fournier Jr. was born to this beautiful couple. They are now having a great time together. His son and beautiful wife are always on Evan’s Instagram account.

When people think of Laura Fournier, they think of her and Evan. There are some things that show that she has done modeling and photoshoots. When we see Laura and Evan together, we want to be like them. With their son, we think they are a complete and happy family.


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Parents and Family Members of Evan Fournier

He was born on October 29, 1992, in Paris, France. His parents were François Fournier and Meriem Fournier, who were both born there. On the other hand, his mother is from Algeria, and his father is from France.

He also has a daughter named Ryelle Rondo, and she is named after him. A lot of people don’t know about Evan’s siblings. We can say that Evan is a family person and spends time with everyone.


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