Fentanyl Overdose Kills a Middle School Art Teacher


Fentanyl Overdose Kills: Middle school high school teacher in New Jersey is charged with Fentanyl overdose. Police say that he died of a drug overdose in front of his students in November.

Westfield Police said that on November 29, a Roosevelt Intermediate staff member found the teacher unconscious in a classroom shortly after 9 a.m.

On Friday, Police Chief Christopher Battiloro said that students saw the drugged teacher, Frank Thompson, in trouble before an administrator called the resource officer, Fortunato Riga, to the classroom.

Riga saw Thompson lying on the ground “unconscious and still” while the nurse was rough with him. Riga told the police that he saw Thompson abusing opioids and that he gave Thompson Narcan (used to cure the symptoms).

Officials said that after Thompson took the medicine, it was clear that he was getting better. His School biography says that Thompson, who is 57 years old, taught visual art in grades 6 and 7 and arts and crafts in grade 8.

After the fall, investigators looked in Thompson’s classroom cabinet and found what they thought were drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Frank’s Drug Abuse Trial in Court

Thompson was accused of having Fentanyl and other dangerous drugs that are controlled by the government, as well as drug paraphernalia and putting children in danger.

Fentanyl Overdose Kills a Middle School Art Teacher

According to the police chief, the first and last offences on the list are third-degree offences, while the other offence is a disorderly person infraction. Thompson will go to court on February 1 because he has been told to do so.

The Westfield school said they were sorry they couldn’t respond right away to what happened in the classroom.

Even though the Public School District can’t comment on private employee matters, Superintendent Dr. Raymond said in a statement that the district will put student and employee safety first while keeping the classroom environment intact.

“In this case, Officer Riga’s quick actions, who are there every school day at Roosevelt Intermediate, helped keep students safe and gave Mr. Thompson steps that could have saved his life,” Dr. Raymond said.

According to the Westfield Police Department, all Westfield Police employees, including resource officers in schools like Riga, are trained on how to use Narcan when someone seems to be having a drug overdose.

Experts say that in 2022, the Drug Enforcement Administration will find more than 379 million doses of the drug fentanyl. This is enough, they say, to kill every American.

This week, the organisation said that it had found over 50 million fake prescription pills and about 10,000 pounds of Fentanyl last year.

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