Film Industry Figure Told Julianne Moore “Try to Look Prettier”


Julianne Moore says that someone in the entertainment business once told her to “try to look prettier.” Moore doesn’t say who the person was or what their job might have been in the industry. He just calls them “someone in the film industry.”

She says that she said, “I don’t know if I can.” The Oscar winner for “Still Alice” talked about the exchange in an interview with The Times of London.

She told the newspaper, “There is some physicality involved in our business, but beauty and prettiness are subjective.” Moore’s mother is from Scotland, and she said she wishes she was a “tanned blonde” instead of a redhead with pale skin.

“Growing up, I felt different because I had red hair,” she says. “On the whole, 2% of the world’s people are redheads. No one, and especially a young child, wants to feel like they are the only ones doing something.

Now I feel very comfortable with my hair and freckles, but a part of me still wishes I was a tanned blonde.” She also said that her pale skin keeps UV rays from getting into her body. Moore said, “I can’t stand in the sun for 30 minutes without getting burned.”

“I look just like my mother, and she told me to stay out of the sun.” Because I’m so fair and have freckles, I’ve always had to wear a hat and sunscreen. In terms of skin care, that has made the most difference for me. “Nobody wants to hear that, though.”

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