Georgia Holt, Cher’s Mother, Has Died at the Age of 96


Georgia Holt died. She was best known as Cher’s mother, but she was also an actress, model, and singer. On social media, it was said that Cher had died. Holt was 96 years old when she died, but nothing was said about how she died, even though she had been hospitalised with pneumonia earlier this year.

During the pandemic, Cher said she was “very careful” not to expose her elderly mother to any possible illnesses. “All this time, we’ve had a little bubble,” she said. “We hide behind masks, and there aren’t many of us.” Here are my sister, brother-in-law, mother, and an assistant. And we don’t get too close to each other.”

“I also have to be careful because I have asthma,” she said. I have a lot of different health problems.” Holt was born in Arkansas in 1926. She moved to Los Angeles and started appearing on TV shows like “I Love Lucy” and talk shows hosted by Mike Douglas and Merv Griffin.

Her first album, Honky Tonk Woman, came out in 2013. It was recorded in the 1980s. Cher said of her mother, “She never gave my sister and me advice because she knew we’d never follow it.”

“Instead, we learned about life from her stories about what she did right and what she did wrong.” Holt had six marriages and six divorces. She will be missed by her two daughters.

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