Georgia’s Senate Runoff Election Between Warnock and Walker Has Arrived


In the last Senate race of the midterm elections, Georgians will choose between Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker on Tuesday.

In November’s regular election, Warnock won by less than 1% over Walker. This was less than the 50% threshold required by state law, so a four-week runoff election with at least five days of early voting was needed last week.

In the past two years, there have been three runoffs for the Senate in Georgia. But the 2020 campaign that put Warnock into office has changed. Last year, the state legislature cut the runoff time from nine weeks to four, making both candidates race to the finish.

Walker and Warnock held their last rallies before the election on Monday. Walker, a local college football star, spent most of the day in conservative north Georgia meeting with fans.

He is trying to win back Republican votes after getting almost 200,000 fewer votes than his GOP running mate, Gov. Brian Kemp, in November’s election. “I feel pretty good about tomorrow,” Walker told ABC News at a campaign event in Dawsonville.

“We’re trying to get people to vote. I think that if you vote for Warnock, you are supporting these bad policies. My vote is the best, “Walker went on.

Georgia's Senate Runoff Election Between Warnock and Walker Has Arrived

Warnock’s campaign ended in Atlanta, where he went to Georgia Tech and Killer Mike’s barbershop, The Swag Shop. In the runoff, Warnock has focused on his “character” to reach moderates, independents, and split-ticket voters while getting his base excited.

“We have all worked on this movement together. I began my journey to the Senate three years ago, and I only have one day left. But in the end, we need you to be there “Tech students were reminded by Warnock.

After the Democrats won the Senate seat in Nevada, both parties have told voters not to ignore the runoff in Georgia. If there was a 50th Republican member, it would be harder for Democrats to get 50 votes, while if there was a 51st Democratic member, they would have more power and flexibility in committees.

Warnock said on Monday that Herschel Walker could still win the race. “I’m afraid that people won’t think their voice is important. We do.” Even though turnout is usually lower for runoffs, Georgia had a record number of early voters last week.

On Friday, which was the last day of early voting for the runoff, 352,953 people voted, bringing the total number of people who voted to over 1.8 million.

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