Helen Slayton Hughes, Actress From ‘parks and Recreation,’ Died at the Age of 92


Fans of the show Parks and Recreation are sad about Helen Slayton-Hughes’ death. She played Ethel Beavers on the show. She had lived for 92 years. “Helen died last night. Her pain is over, but her fierce spirit lives on. Thank you for the love and laughter. You inspired us all by living your dream until the end.”

Slayton-Hughes didn’t start working in Hollywood until 1980 when she was 50 years old and starred in the movie Mafia on the Bounty. She went on to be in movies like Shoot the Moon, Good Night and Good Luck, Crazy on the Outside, and Hesher.

Some of the TV shows she has been in are New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Arrested Development, Rutherford Falls, Fresh Off the Boat, True Blood, That’s So Raven, and Parenthood.

She stopped acting for 18 years and then came back in 2000, mostly in comedic roles. She was in 18 episodes of Burning Love over a year.

Fans most often thought of her in her role as Beavers on the NBC sitcom. Her character was very different from Amy Poehler’s. While Poehler played an upbeat Parks director, Beavers was a grumpy court stenographer. From 2009 to 2015, the show was on TV.

Poehler played Leslie Knope, who worked for the Indiana Parks and Recreation Department and wanted to make her town look nice and move up in her career at the same time. People in the neighborhood make things hard.

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