Is Charlie Puth a Gay Man? Read This to Know Him Better!


This article will answer questions like, “Is Charlie Puth gay?” and “Everything you need to know about Charlie Puth, including the rumours and his real sexuality.” So, if this sounds like something you’re interested in, stay with us.

People have said for a long time that Charlie Puth is gay. Fans of the singer of “We Don’t Talk Anymore” have long wondered about his sexuality and relationships.

People started talking about whether or not Charlie Puth was gay as soon as he started making music. If you want to learn more about the singer’s sexuality, keep reading.

Is Charlie Puth a Gay Man?

The “Left and Right” singer has been linked to famous Hollywood women like Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, Charlotte Lawrence, Meghan Trainor, and Lea Michele.

So the fact that Charlie has dated beautiful women in the past, such as singers, models, and actresses, shows that he is not gay. At the end of the day, everyone knows he is not gay and is straight.

When Did the Sexuality Rumors About Charlie Puth Begin?

For those who don’t know, rumours about Charlie’s sexuality started to spread in 2017. He was getting the word out about his song “Attention” on 102.7KIIS FM before it came out.

The singer of “See You Again” talked about his friendship with Shawn Mendes in an interview with 102.7KIIS FM. People began to wonder if Charlie Puth was gay because of this.

Is Charlie Puth a Gay Man Read This to Know Him Better!

The interview quickly spread through social media for a number of reasons. In the interview, Charlie said that he and Shawn like to look at photos of themselves and talk about how they look. They also talk on the phone and send each other pictures.

Charlie said at the time, “We’re in a bit of a work-out-a-thon.” He took out his phone and showed Shawn a picture of himself with big arms and said, “I sent this to Shawn.” That was a day for arms.” Soon after that, people started to talk about Charlie being gay. It looks like Shawn and Charlie are just good friends, though.

Once Linked: Charlotte Sarah Lawrence and Charlie Puth

The singer for the band One Call Away, Charlotte Sarah Lawrence, used to date another singer. On Valentine’s Day of 2019, Charlie made their Instagram relationship official with a sweet post.

On Valentine’s Day, Charlie posted a picture of himself and Charlotte on the social media site Instagram. Since then, this picture has been taken down. He just wrote “Happy Valentine’s Day” with a heart emoji under the black-and-white picture. The blurry picture of the couple holding hands showed that they seemed happy.

In an interview with Vanity Fair in 2020, Charlotte said that they had broken up. She later told the news source, “I never feel bad about any of my ex-boyfriends.” He showed me a whole new way to listen to music.

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