Is Joe Budden Sexually Neutral? Comments Explained


People are wondering if the host of the Joe Budden Podcast is bisexual after hearing the most recent episode, and we’ll explain why.

People were happy when Joe said in the most recent episode of his podcast, “I like boys and girls.” They shared their happiness on social media.

But there is more to what has been said. Let us explain!

Is Joe Budden Sexually Neutral?

Joe isn’t gay and straight. He didn’t think of himself as bisexual or gay, but everyone took what he said in a different way. The person who hosts the podcast is straight and has dated women in the past.

Hip Hop Dx says that he was in a relationship with, among others, Cyn Santana, Yaris Sanchez, and Kaylin Garcia. Joseph Budden III and Lexington were his children.

Why Do People Believe the Host Came Out?

During the episode, Jo and his co-hosts Rory and Mal talked about a report from TMZ that said DaBaby had gotten permission from the Relationship Unleashed group to perform at Rolling Loud, where he had been kicked off the bill because of his controversial comments.

The CEO of Relationship Unleashed, Gwendolyn D. Clemons, said that the outlet’s story was wrong and that they had “grossly misquoted” the answers she had given.

In response to what Gwendolyn said about DaBaby, Joe says, “I like boys and girls.” But what he said was just sarcasm in response to what the CEO said. Here is where you can listen to the whole podcast.

Twitter Reacts to the Words of Joe Budden

People went to Twitter to celebrate the host’s news, thinking that he had come out. Those who know what Joe meant, on the other hand, make fun of those who misunderstood what he said.

One fan wrote, “Joe Budden being his usual sarcastic self vs. the whole world: “YOU’RE BI?” #joebudden.”

Another Twitter user who thinks Joe came out said, “Joe Budden being bi doesn’t surprise me, but congrats to him because coming out isn’t easy.”

Joe also wrote tweets about how people reacted to what he said. “Ohhhhhhh, I see the word got out!” he exclaimed. Please keep telling people about it.”

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