Jaclyn Smith and Her Husband Brad Allen Show Off Some Sexy Workout Moves


On Instagram, Jaclyn Smith and her husband Brad Allen, who works out with her, show off their seductive moves. The Charlie’s Angels actress, who is 77 years old, posted a video of herself and the heart surgeon she married in 1997 working out together on Tuesday.

The song “Blue Monday” by New Order plays in the background as Smith puts Allen on her back and does push-ups, kissing her husband after each one.

Then, Allen shows what he can do by squatting while Smith sits on his shoulders. “We decided to go to the next level with our workouts!” Smith wrote next to a video that showed them dancing.

In the comments, actor Stephen Baldwin said, “Kids, please be good.” Smith posted a similar video earlier this month and said, “It’s hard to stay motivated to work out during the holidays, but Brad and I have found a way to have a few laughs while also getting a workout done!”

In that video, Allen does push-ups while the actress does leg lifts. In between reps, the two kiss. Allen and Smith celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on October 11, and they are still going strong.

Jaclyn Smith and Her Husband Brad Allen Show Off Some Sexy Workout Moves

They marked the event by answering questions about each other, which was a popular thing to do on social media at the time. When asked, “Who is the most patient?” in the video posted to Smith’s Instagram, she and Allen both keep quiet.

“Well, I guess I can wait,” Smith finally said. “But… ” Allen made a joke by pointing at Smith and saying, “I want to stay married, so…” They didn’t agree on who is “the most emotional,” but they did agree that Allen is “the first to apologise after an argument.”

When Smith said that Allen is the one who can’t keep a secret, Allen joked, “Oh, yeah, I’ve been a doctor all these years because I can’t keep a secret.”

Smith wrote in the video’s description, “Happy 25th anniversary to my guy, my best friend, my life partner, who keeps me laughing through the ups and downs and takes such good care of all of us, even my honeybun.”

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