Jayson Tatum Net Worth: How Much Money Does Jayson Tatum Earn Per Year?


There is an American basketball player named Jayson Tatum. He’s playing for the ‘Boston Celtics of the NBA. At a young age, Jayson was taught how to play basketball. He grew up in Missouri and was born and raised in St. Louis. She had him when she was 19 and raised him alone.

Because of her money problems, she made sure her son’s dream of playing in the “NBA” came true. Chaminade College Preparatory School is where he went.

He was one of the best basketball players on the team at school, and he also went there. A five-star recruit also said that about him too. He scored 13.3 points per game during his junior year of college.

This is how many points he averaged in each game in his sophomore and final years: 26 and 29 6. After he graduated from high school, he went to “Duke University.” He didn’t play in the first few games of his college team because he hurt his foot.

They picked him up in the 2017 NBA Draft because he was so good. In May of this year, he was named to the ‘NBA All-Rookie First Team,’ after a lot of great games.


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Early Life

  • Jayson Tatum was born on March 3, 1998, to Justin Tatum and Brandy Cole in St. Louis, Missouri. He is the son of these two people. When he was born, both of his parents were 19 years old and not married to each other. He was born when he was born.
  • When he was born, his mother decided to raise him by herself because she didn’t have anyone else. He was still there for them, though.
  • This is the story of Justin, Justin’s father. He used to be a basketball player who played for “St. Louis University.” As time went on, the Christian Brothers College High School in St. Louis hired him to teach gym and coach basketball.
    His mother was a law student at “St. Louis University.” Later, she worked as a lawyer in the field of law. However, as an undergraduate student, she had a hard time coming up with the money to raise Jayson.
  • As a child, Jayson had a lot of fun with basketball. As a child, his father played basketball and was also a coach. His godfather was “NBA” player Larry Hughes, who played with his father in college and high school.
  • Jayson grew up to be very tall, which made him a good basketball player because he was tall. That’s what his father also told him. He was built for basketball, too. This made Jayson interested in the sport early in his life. During his teens, he played against people who were much bigger and older than him.
  • Soon, Jayson was an all-star player for the school’s basketball team. When he went to “Chaminade College Preparatory,” Jayson became a big star. When he was in high school, he became friends with Matthew Tkachuk, who would go on to play in the NBA. In this way, the foundation for Jayson’s basketball career was set.


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College Career

  1. In 2016, Jayson went to “Duke University.” During his first college season (2016–2017), he had to miss a few games because he had a broken foot. In December 2016, he finally made his first appearance. First, he scored 10 points to help his team beat ‘Maine.’
  2. His team won big games against big teams like “Florida,” “Georgia Tech,” and “Miami.” Over the next few weeks, he kept up his good work. Team: Duke Blue Devils played in the ‘ACC Tournament Championship Finals’ in March 2017, which is when his team did this In the finals, Duke beat the “Notre Dame Fighting Irish” to win the title.
  3. Jayson scored 19 points and grabbed 8 rebounds in the game, which helped his team win the title. Tatum scored an average of 22.0 points per game during the tournament. When the All-ACC Tournament Team saw him, they named him to the team.
  4. Even though Duke won the ‘ACC Tournament,’ their performance at the NCAA Tournament was not good. Second-round Duke was kicked out. However, Jayson’s own performance was very good. He scored an average of 16.5 points per game.
  5. It was after a good freshman season that Jayson decided to go straight for the NBA Draft, where he was thought to be a first-round pick.


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NBA Career

  • This move by the general manager of the Boston Celtics, Danny Ainge, was very controversial. He bought Jayson, who was drafted third overall in June 2017. The first tournament he played in with the “Celtics” was the 2017 “NBA Summer League” event in Utah.
  • Jayson did what people thought he would and averaged 18.7 points per game, with 9.7 rebounds, 2.3 steals, and 2.0 assists. The All-Summer League Second Team included big names like Bryn Forbes and Kyle Kuzma. He also did very well in other tournaments and was named to the All-Summer League Second Team.
  • He played his first game for the ‘NBA’ against the ‘Cleveland Cavaliers,’ where he scored 14 points and grabbed 10 rebounds. Not only did they lose, but his team lost 102–99.
  • Jayson, on the other hand, played the best game of his life against the “New York Knicks” in October 2017. He scored 24 points and helped his team win. ‘Rookie of the Month’ for December 2017 was given to him.
  • The ‘Celtics’ went to the ‘NBA Playoffs’ in 2018. When his team won a lot of games at the tournament, Jayson again played a big part in them. This is what he did in their second-round game against the “PHILADELPHIA 76ers.”
  • He scored 28 points, which was the most points by a rookie for the “Celtics” in a playoff game ever by a rookie for the “Celtics.” He also became the youngest player in NBA history to score more than 20 points in four consecutive games in the playoffs at the same time.
  • He then scored his fifth 20-pointer in the same tournament, setting a new record for the tournament. The rookie playoffs also saw him become one of only two players to score 20 points in 10 games during the playoffs.
  • A team called the “NBA All-Rookie First Team” was made up of him in May of 2018. He has also played for his country in many tournaments in other countries. He played in the FIBA Under-17 World Championship in 2014 and the FIBA Under-19 World Championship in 2015.

Personal Life

  1. In his heart, Jayson is a person of faith. He was born into a religious family that stayed true to Christianity. He has given all of his success and fame to Jesus Christ, and he thanks him for it.
  2. This is what LeBron James has said about Jayson: “He’s a great player who’s built for stardom.”
    Former Duke teammate Harry Giles is a good friend of his and they have been since they were kids.
  3. Jayson has been dating Samie Amos in public for a while now. However, recently, it was said that the couple was about to break up, but that was not true.
  4. The fact that Samie put up a social media post accusing Jayson of infidelity is proof of it. After a while, it was found out that he had been cheating on Samie with Toriah Lachelle. He is said to be having a child with Toriah.


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Jayson Tatum’s Net Worth

Jayson Tatum’s net worth and salary: Jayson Tatum is an American professional basketball player who makes $25 million a year. He is best known for being an All-Star in the NBA with the Boston Celtics, where he played.

Jayson Tatum was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in March of 1998, and he is now 13. He is 6’8″ tall and plays small forward and power forward. Chaminade College Prep named Tatum the Gatorade National Player of the Year and Mr. Show-Me Basketball in 2016.

He also played for them. In the same year, he was named to the Jordan Brand Classic, the Nike Hoop Summit, and the McDonald’s All-American team for that year. Tatum played college basketball for Duke. He was named to the ACC All-Freshman team and the third-team All-ACC, which is the second-best team in the league.

He was chosen by the Boston Celtics as the third pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. In 2018, Jayson Tatum was named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team. In 2020, he was an NBA All-Star and won the NBA Skills Challenge when he was also named an All-Star.

During the FIBA U17 and U19 World Championships, he won gold medals for the United States, and he did that at both these events.

How Much Money Does Jayson Tatum Earn Per Year?

Jayson Tatum signed a five-year deal worth $163,000,300 with the Boston Celtics. The deal includes $163,000,300 in guaranteed money and an average salary of $32,600,060 per year. During the 2020-21 season, Tatum will make $28,103,500 as his base salary. He will also have a cap hit of $28,103,500, and a dead cap value of $28,103,000.

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