Lisa Hochstein Finds It ‘difficult’ to See Lenny With a ‘Newer Model,’ According to Adriana De Moura


Adriana de Moura feels bad for Lisa Hochstein because her husband Lenny is said to have cheated on her with a 27-year-old model. “In Lisa’s position, it’s not easy to be traded in for a new model, a fresher model, and then to go out and see your still-husband with someone else,” the “Real Housewives of Miami” star, 57, tells Page Six in an exclusive interview.

“It’s much,” de Moura says. After 12 years of marriage, Lisa, 40, and the famous plastic surgeon, 56, split up. Logan, who is 7, and Elle, who is 3, used to be each other’s children. couple’s

“Boob god” Lenny denies dating Katharina Mazepa while married to Lisa. This isn’t true, as shown in “RHOM.” In a dramatic hot mic meeting this spring, Lenny told a friend that he was divorcing Lisa, who had “no idea.”

Lenny says in a whisper that he and Lisa weren’t close because he would have been “cheating on who he cares about,” which is probably Mazepa. After Lisa left, Lenny met Mazepa. Lisa told Page Six in May that the news “caught her off guard.”

That’s terrible, because you haven’t even ended your marriage yet, and you’re already stepping on it. “Oh, I’m not going to be intimate,” Lenny told Page Six, “de Moura said. The “Feel the Rush” singer says, “It’s awful and hurtful when your boyfriend doesn’t want to be with you because he’s with someone else.” “Bad.”

De Moura alleges Lisa relied on her throughout her divorce from Lenny. “When it comes to divorce, it’s sink or swim. She says, “Then you have to be strong and hope your friends can help.” Either that or you give up, which Lisa and I don’t do. It’s getting through the bad times and realizing, “Wow, I did that. I can handle this loss.”

Lisa Hochstein Finds It 'difficult' to See Lenny With a 'Newer Model,' According to Adriana De Moura

De Moura says that the Hochstein’s had “red flags” that made him worry about paradise. “During the middle of the season, I noticed that Lenny was getting healthier. He was working out, and when we went to their house for a party, he was slim and had a six-pack. I thought, ‘Hmm, this is a red flag,'” he said.

“When a married man who was happy to get a dad bod all of a sudden decides to go for the shred? Someone.” In May, Mezapa told Page Six that she wasn’t the reason Lenny and Lisa broke up.

The Austrian model said, “The truth is that both Lenny and I have been separated from our wives for a long time and are going through divorces.” “Lisa knew he was going out with me,” she added.

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Lisa Hochstein said that Lenny cut her off financially and left her without diapers and food for their kids. Lenny said that his ex-wife makes $30,000 per episode of “RHOM.”

De Moura still thinks Lisa and Lenny can raise their children together in a good way. She adds, “I think they’ll get through the hard times, like the divorce talks, the custody issues, and the dividing of assets, and then they’ll probably be in a better place.”

“They have two beautiful kids together, and I hope they’ll be able to raise them together as they go their separate ways.” Lisa wants to date and gets married again, which makes De Moura happy.

She says about her friend, “It’s pretty nice to see her getting her step back, that spring in her step, and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.” Good. Season 5 of “The Real Housewives of Miami” is on Peacock. New episodes come out every Thursday.

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