North American Release of Hong Kong Comedy “Everything Under Control” (Exclusive)


Trinity CineAsia, a company that sells movies in many different countries, has bought the rights to the Hong Kong comedy film “Everything Under Control” in the U.K. and North America.

On January 21, the day before the Chinese New Year holidays, the movie will come out in the United States and the United Kingdom. It will also open in Hong Kong. On February 3, the movie will be shown in theatres in Canada.

The movie is a remake of “Treat or Trick,” a 2021 Taiwanese movie directed by Hsu Fu-Hsiang. That movie was a remake of “To Catch A Virgin Ghost,” a Korean horror comedy from 2004.

Director Ying Chi Wen retold the story for Emperor Motion Pictures. It’s about two security guards who go to a village to find stolen jewellery. There, they meet some rude villagers and a ghost.

A-list Hong Kong actors like Hins Cheung and Ivana Wong (“Table for Six”), who are known for their stage chemistry and unique sense of humour, Jeffrey Ngai, Joey Hung, and Wong Ching Yi (Ah Jeng), who are part of a new generation of funny actors, and Michael Ning and Yau Chung Wai, who have been in movies for a long time, are in the movie.

After a time in the beginning of 2022 that included Chinese New Year and Easter, Hong Kong’s movie theatres had a surprising and strong comeback in the second half of that year. “This year, people can go back to their old habits of seeing comedies in theatres with their friends and families,” Trinity said.

North American Release of Hong Kong Comedy Everything Under Control (Exclusive)

“After ‘Mama’s Affair’ came out last summer, we’re excited to work with Emperor Motion Pictures again,” said Cedric Behrel, director of Trinity CineAsia. “Everything Under Control” is a movie that will bring back the holiday spirit of Chinese New Year and make everyone feel better. It will be our third trip to the United Kingdom and North America since 2022.

“Hong Kong Family,” a touching family drama from Edko Films Limited that was a recent hit in Hong Kong, is also being put out by Trinity CineAsia. It starts showing in North America on 10 screens on Friday, and in Canada on February 17.

The veteran actress Sylvia Chang stars in the movie. She recently said that it made her “think about how to learn to forgive our parents for teaching us wrong things.”

The story of “Hong Kong Family” is about a family that has been falling apart since a tense winter solstice dinner. After eight years, a cousin who lives outside of Hong Kong comes back to try to settle the long-running feud at another traditional holiday gathering.

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