On State of Mind, John J York Discusses How the Holy Spirit and Jesus Are Significant in His Life


John J York, who has played Mac Scorpio on General Hospital since 1991, was on castmate Maurice Benard’s State of Mind Podcast recently. Benard asks his guests to speak up about their experiences with mental health concerns in each episode.

York stated that, despite being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis at the age of 17, he has never been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or any other mental health difficulties.

The actor also discusses how important his relationship with Jesus is to him, and he and Benard agree on religious topics.

Benard, who plays Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital, has been a regular on State of Mind for the past two years. He told York that he thought of him as an ordinary guy and liked that he wasn’t a “pain in the ass to work with.”

Benard got his guest to open up about being taken on the cover of Playgirl in 1994, according to Soaps in Depth. York chuckled and added, “I don’t even recall.” “But I just noticed that.

That was provided to me by my brother from Minnesota. They looked it up! I have no idea how I was asked to do that! Was that from the GH or WEREWOLF eras?” York played Eric Cord on the show from 1897 to 1988.

York Discusses His Personal Spirituality.

York then goes on to state that he was raised Catholic and that his faith in Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit are vital to him and have affected his life.

He describes how he has not always attended church and has committed numerous mistakes, but Jesus and the Holy Spirit are always with him. Benard discusses how essential God is in his life and how it has helped him through his manic-depressive periods.

Benard described how he frequently takes the wrong route, and how during the pandemic, he was at a low moment, and the devil appeared, but God always triumphed.

GH's Maurice Benard And John J. York Examine The Spirit Within

York claims that he gets up at 5:00 a.m. and prays for 45 minutes, which provides him the calm he needs to get through the day. He claims that a hand opened doors for him when he entered the entertainment industry, which he describes as a trip rather than a race.

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Benard Has a Mystical Bond With York

The costars did not address the stormy connection between their characters throughout the years. Sonny is a mobster, and Mac was the Port Charles police commissioner before becoming the chief detective.

They’ve had a few squabbles, but they get along great offscreen. Benard stated he appreciated the current State of Mind episode and that the two had a spiritual connection and that something profound was happening despite the fact that they had known and worked together for many years.

York confessed that this was the first time he could publicly discuss his faith and that he lacked credentials (he is not a licensed cleric). He described his spiritual journey as amazing and beautiful.

People I know (including myself) who watch John J York’s performances on General Hospital have stated for years that he appears to light up the room and have the presence of God around him, and he has finally revealed the source of his glow.

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