Prince Albert Informs People He’s ‘really Proud’ of Wife Princess Charlene After a ‘very Tough Year’


The holidays are a time for giving thanks and taking stock. Prince Albert II of Monaco told PEOPLE that he is “very proud” of Princess Charlene after her “tough year.”

Prince Albert loves his wife very much. “Charlene is wonderful. You can see that she’s been to a lot of things. Charlene is more involved in her passions and public life.”

“My wife has been going to places in Monaco like the Red Cross and going to people’s homes to see them,” he says. This year is ending on a good note because she loves doing things with the kids. We’re very happy.”

“As you know, last year and the beginning of this year were really hard for her,” he says, his voice breaking. She has changed in an amazing way.”

In May 2021, when she was in South Africa, the Princess got sick. Multiple procedures were needed to treat an ENT infection. Her return to Monaco wasn’t until November because she had a hard time getting better.

On the advice of her doctors, the princess went back to the principality to heal in peace. In April, she joined her family again.

Prince Albert says that since Princess Charlene’s recovery, she has returned to her full schedule of social and charity activities and is a hands-on mother to their twin 8-year-old children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella. “Charlene has started doing a lot of chores again, like running the house,” he says.

The Princess is in charge of “embellishments and remaking rooms that need to be changed” in historic palace apartments and a private estate above Monaco.

Prince Albert Informs People He's 'really Proud' of Wife Princess Charlene After a 'very Tough Year'

After the COVID-19 lockdown, the Prince says that renovations on the palace will start up again in the following months. A palace with 862 rooms that is 700 years old and needs work, he laughs.

“We haven’t come back yet. Still, we need to fix up our apartments. My parents’ old apartments on the ground floor of the West Wing should be back in use by the end of February or the beginning of March.”

Charlene puts her kids first. Last week, she told Monaco Matin that raising children is a shared job.

Albert consents. It comes and goes. When Charlene and I agree on something, we tell the kids why they should come to the event. It’s called “What’s Going On and Why It Matters.”

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On the day of the event or the day before, we show them a preview in their rooms. Since most of it starts with “on the occasion of,” it’s not official.” The twins are really well off. Outstanding. Who would disagree? They can get distracted, just like other 8-year-olds.

When asked if social media gets in the way, he laughs. “Do not say those things.” No “Both of them like sports, and at their age, they still would rather play with their friends in the schoolyard than do homework.

“They are active and interested.” Before she became Princess Grace, his mother, Grace Kelly, won an Oscar for her acting. His grandfather, George Kelly, won a Pulitzer Prize for his plays.

He says, “Yesterday, we went with them to this tiny Christmas show in a small theatre here.” The theatre workshop for this week is there.”

“School sports include taekwondo and tennis.” “And swimming,” he says with a laugh, referring to his wife’s Olympic swimming career. They have plans. Excellent.”

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