Prince Harry Alleges His Family Didn’t Include Him in Travel Arrangements Before Queen Elizabeth Died


In September of last year, Prince Harry was in London for a charity event when the palace said that Queen Elizabeth II was getting medical care at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Anderson Cooper of 60 Minutes talked to Harry about what happened next.

“”What do you have planned?” I wanted to know. “How are you and Kate getting to the top?” Then, you know, a couple of hours later, everyone in the family who lives near Windsor and Ascot got on a plane together “What Harry said. “A plane with between 12 and 16 seats.”

“Why didn’t they let you on that plane?” Cooper was curious. Harry said, “I wasn’t invited.” When Harry went to Balmoral on his own, the queen had already died. Harry said, “When I walked into the hall, my aunt was waiting for me.”

“She asked if I would like to meet her. I thought about it for about 5 seconds and asked myself, “Is this a good idea?” “You know what?” I said. This is something you can do. You should say goodbye. I went upstairs, took off my coat, walked in, and we were alone for a while.”

Cooper asked, “Where had she gone?” Harry said, “She was in her room.” “I was really, really happy for her. Because she had lived her life to the fullest. She had reached the end of her life, and her husband was waiting. Both of them are buried together.”

Harry and William were walking side by side, just like they did when their mother died 25 years ago. This time, they hide behind the coffin of their grandmother.

“Have you been talking to William lately? Do you send text messages?” Cooper was curious. Harry said, “Not right now.”

Prince Harry Alleges His Family Didn't Include Him in Travel Arrangements Before Queen Elizabeth Died

“But I’m looking forward to—I’m looking forward to us making peace.” “How long has it been since you spoke?” Cooper was curious.

Harry said, “In a little while.” Harry also said that it had been “quite a while” since he had talked to his father. “Can you see yourself going back to the royal family full-time?” Cooper was curious.

“No. I don’t think that’s going to happen “What Harry said. “In the book, you called it a “full-scale rupture,” “Cooper said. “Can it be made better?”

“Yes,” Harry said in agreement. “The ball is very much in their court, but Meghan and I have always said that we will apologise openly for anything we did wrong, but no one ever tells us what we did wrong or what we did wrong in particular. There must be a way to talk about things in a constructive way that doesn’t get out.”

60 Minutes tried to get a comment from Buckingham Palace. Representatives from the Palace asked us to show them our report before it aired so they could comment, which 60 Minutes does not do.

More of Anderson Cooper’s talk with Prince Harry for 60 Minutes will be shown on CBS Mornings on Monday.

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