Pro Wrestling Legend Jay Briscoe, 38, Was Killed in a Car Crash. He Was a Member of the Ring of Honor


Another sad story is going around the Internet: Jay Briscoe, the best wrestler ever, died in a car accident on Tuesday, January 17, 2023, at 5:30 p.m.

His daughter is in very bad shape, and they were on the way home from a cheerleading competition when they got the news.

It’s impossible to deny that it’s a big loss for wrestling, and Jay Briscoe will always be remembered in American wrestling. Let’s quickly look at what’s going on with Jay Briscoe.

Jay Briscoe, a Ring of Honor Wrestler, Died at the Age of 38

The death of Jay Briscoe, who was very talented, shocked the wrestling community and fans to the core. Several AEW stars sent their deepest condolences when they heard about the sad death of this shining star, who was only 38 years old.

The accident happened on January 17, and both the owner of Ring of Honor and the head of AEW said Jay Briscoe had died. In his statement, he talked about how sad and hurt he was and how he would do anything to be with his grieving family during their hardest time.

The news shocked the wrestling community, and the outpouring of grief shows how much he was loved by them. People like CM Punk, Malakai Black, Cash Wheeler, and Britt Baker were saddened by Jay Briscoe’s death. Cash Wheeler, Britt Baker, and Malakai Black were among the others.

Pro Wrestling Legend Jay Briscoe, 38, Was Killed in a Car Crash. He Was a Member of the Ring of Honor

Tony Khan wrote in a tweet, “Jamin Pugh has died. Fans knew him as Jay Briscoe. He was a big deal in ROH from the very first show until now. Jay and his brother Mark used to be the best in ROH, and they still are. We will do whatever we can to help his family. Jamin, sleep well.”

Two kids were hurt when Jay Briscoe’s car hit another car, according to sources. A woman in another car also died at the scene, and one of the children may have been Jay Briscoe’s daughter.

Jay’s brother, Mark Briscoe, and his daughter were coming home from a cheerleading competition, but Jay didn’t go. His daughter is in the hospital fighting for her life, and everyone is praying for her to get better.

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Let Us Learn More About Jay Briscoe

Jamin Pugh is better known and better known by his job title. Jamin Pugh was a very good professional wrestler from the United States.

During his time with Ring of Honor, he was well-liked, and he and his brother Mark Briscoe were part of the ROH World Tag Team Champions before he died. Jay Briscoe has won the ROH World Championship twice and is a member of the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions.

He was born in Salisbury, Maryland, on January 25, 1984. He was only 38 years old when death caught him by surprise. He was a great wrestler, and his size and strength made him one of the hardest people to beat.

He was six feet and one inch tall and weighed more than 105 kilograms. Some of the well-known trainers who worked with Jay Briscoe were Eddie Valentine, Glen Osbourne, and Jim Kettner.

Pro Wrestling Legend Jay Briscoe, 38, Was Killed in a Car Crash. He Was a Member of the Ring of Honor

Jay Briscoe and his brother made their debuts in Combat Zone Wrestling at Delaware Invasion on January 20, 2001. It was a real start for them in the field.

After many fights, Jay Briscoe made his big debut in Jersey All-Pro Wrestling on March 24, 2001, but they lost the match to Insane Dragon and Dixie. After he came back in 2002, Jay Briscoe won the JAPW Tag Team Championship. The news spread quickly.

The talented Briscoe brothers have fought and wrestled a lot for Ring of Honor. Jay’s first time wrestling for Ring of Honor was at The Era of Honor Begins, but Amazing Red beat him.

On January 4, 2016, Jay Briscoe made his first match for New Japan Pro-Wrestling. It was a very scary match. When we look at Jay Briscoe’s personal life, we can see that he is no stranger to controversy, since he often says bad things about gay people.

Jay Briscoe caused a stir in 2013 when he said on Twitter that he would shoot anyone who told his kids that same-sex marriage is not wrong. He had already said a lot of controversial things before this tweet, but this one went off the rails when it caused a big fuss.

He had to apologize for his offensive and hurtful words and say that they were meant to represent the worldview of a character he plays on TV and have nothing to do with Jay Briscoe as a person.

So, even though Jay Briscoe got into trouble, his amazing wrestling skills helped his career. So, the whole wrestling world lost a shining star, and this huge loss will be remembered forever.

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