Rammstein’s Till Lindemann Sings a Dramatic English Duet With Sharon Kovacs


Sharon Kovacs, a Dutch singer, just put out her third album, Child Of Sin. The title track is a duet with Till Lindemann, who is the lead singer of the band Rammstein.

The song is a dramatic piano ballad about young love, lust, and adventure. Lindemann sings all of his lines in English, and they bring to mind the strange darkness that has become a trademark of the Du Hast hitmaker.

When you were nine years old
We terrorized these streets
From dusk till dawn
But when I turned sixteen
My dirty hands would bleed
From banging at your door

Where should I begin?
Where should I begin?
I’d seen it all before
And it will never end
It will never end
You’re not a child of love
You’re a child of sin

Lindemann’s first album, Skills In Pills, was also in English. For his second album, F & M, he switched to singing in German.

So far, only the audio for Child Of Sin has been released, but an Amsterdam-based production company called Pink Rabbit shot a video and shared some photos from the shoot.

Rammstein will start their European tour in 2023 on May 22 in Lithuania. The tour will take the band to Finland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, and other places before ending with three shows in Belgium in the first week of August. Below are the dates.

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