RJ Barrett Dating: Who Is Cam RJ Barrett Dating?


There is a Canadian player in the NBA named RJ Barrett. He plays for the New York Knicks. Because he is also an important small forward for the Knicks, this means that he plays both roles. Having a father who used to play basketball, it’s no surprise that he was always interested in the game when he was a child.

The Knicks signed Barrett in 2019. They did this because they had the NBA draught. In 2019, he has won the Jerry West award for the best men’s college shooting guard, which is named after him.


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The Girlfriend of RJ Barrett

His love life is going well for the 21-year-old Canadian NBA star. He is dating Hailey Brown right now. In her own right, Hailey is a Canadian basketball player and a business owner. In the fashion and hair industry, SLEEK by Hailey is a big name. Hailey owns it.

They are very open about their relationship and post pictures of them together on their social media accounts. In the same way that they both know how to play basketball at a high level, they are supportive of each other.


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Parents and Family of Rj Barrett

There were two parents who gave birth to Barrett: Kesha Duhaney and Rowan Barrett. He was born on June 14, 2000. In addition to playing basketball, his father, Rowan Barrett, was also a well-known player. His mother was also a well-known athlete in the country.

Barrett Sr. played for the Toronto Raptors and the Philadelphia 76ers, but he didn’t play in any regular-season NBA games for either of those teams. In Spain and Argentina, Venezuela, Greece, Cyprus, Isreal and France, and Italy, he had a lot of success as a player, as well.

That’s true: In 2002, he scored more goals than anyone else in the Israeli league. He is now the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Canada’s men’s basketball team.

She worked at the Imperial Bank of Canada before. Barrett Jr.’s mother worked there before. He has a younger brother named Nathan who is also preparing for the NBA.


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