Robbie Williams Will Perform at Sandringham Estate in 2023


Next summer, Robbie Williams will perform at the Royal Estate of Sandringham. The show is the first big live music event to be held on the Royal Family’s estate in Norfolk, and it will happen on Saturday, August 26, 2023. Next year, it will be Williams’ only outdoor headline show in the UK.

“Everyone at Heritage Live has wanted to put on a concert for the famous Robbie Williams, and Robbie just keeps getting better and better!” Giles Cooper, a promoter at Heritage Live, which is putting on the event, said.

“His 2022 arena tour performance was the finest I’d ever seen him do, and he’s the best entertainer since Elvis!” We just can’t wait! It will be the most amazing concert in the most amazing place, and we will remember it for the rest of our lives!”

Tickets go on sale Friday, December 9, at 9 a.m., and there is a pre-sale the day before. Williams recently talked to an Italian radio station about his plans for 2023. He said that most of them don’t have to do with music.

“My long-term aspirations are numerous and diverse,” he explained. “I want to make a motel.” I want to create a retail chain. I’m going to work on making some clothes. I’ve made a show for television.

Robbie Williams Will Perform at Sandringham Estate in 2023

The movie is about to come out. I’m very busy, but I’m glad these things keep happening to me.” He also said that he liked Wet Leg and would like to work with them. “I’d like to work with them,” he said. I don’t know if they want to work with me or not.”

Williams is scheduled to play at the Doha Golf Club in Qatar later this week. He has been criticized for this because Qatar has a terrible record when it comes to human rights, which is a hot topic right now because of the World Cup.

In response to what happened, he said, “I do not agree with any violations of human rights, anywhere.” “But if we don’t accept human rights abuses everywhere, it would be the shortest tour in the world: I wouldn’t even be able to play in my kitchen.”

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