Scarlett Johansson Stripped for “Under the Skin” but Only if She Was “N*ked but Not Too Sexy”


Scarlett Johansson is known for playing the Marvel character Black Widow in movies. She is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and sexiest actresses of all time.

In the industry, she is often seen as an object. But she has never done a n*de scene because her body isn’t right for it. On one condition, she agreed to do a n*ked scene in the movie.

Johansson fought aliens in the Avengers movies, but she was an alien in Under The Skin, a 2014 science fiction movie by Jonathan Glazer. She played an alien who lures men to her planet and feeds them to a bad person who lives there.

The plot of the movie says that the alien must be completely naked while it eats the flesh, so Scarlett Johansson had to take off all of her clothes for it. In an interview at the time with W Magazine, the actress talked about the one thing she wanted to make sure of before agreeing to do it.

“She was a different kind of animal, so her n*dity made sense,” she said. I had black hair as well. I came up with the idea because I didn’t want to be the blonde bombshell. “Naked, but not too sexy.”

Scarlett Johansson Stripped for Under the Skin but Only if She Was Nked but Not Too Sexy

In another interview with Yahoo News, Scarlett Johansson talked more about her role and talked about why being n*ked was important to the plot of the movie. She said, “I’m a pretty private person.”

It’s not like I want to show off everywhere I go… But I think I realized that by just letting go and letting myself be completely present at the moment as the character, and discovering myself as [my character] does, I saw how I judge myself and how self-conscious I am about a lot of things.

It wasn’t just the n*dity; there were many other reasons why I had to… We couldn’t get what we needed until I let go of myself completely. In some ways, that made me feel free.”

Even though Scarlett Johansson was naked in Under the Skin, it did not get the attention that one would expect from a ScarJo movie.

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