Sir David Attenborough “Skips to End of Documentaries to Check Animals Are Ok”


Colleagues say that Sir David Attenborough skips to the end of a video to make sure the animals are safe. The BBC host has said that he is “not an animal lover” and that he is just interested in nature without getting too “sappy.”

But the 96-year-old naturalist’s colleagues say that he does keep an eye on how the animals in his dramatic TV show are doing. Mike Gunton, the executive producer of the Dynasties franchise, said, “He often watches the show all the way to the end before narrating it. He just wants to make sure that everything is okay.”

Sir David’s shows have kept people on the edge of their seats with clips of an iguana escaping a valley full of snakes and a walrus trying and failing to climb a cliff.

The most recent episode of Dynasties will be about how macaques are struggling in the Atlas Mountains, where they are being killed for the pet trade.

Sir David Attenborough Skips to End of Documentaries to Check Animals Are Ok

Emma Smart, a member of the group Animal Rebellion, said in public that Sir David could do more to bring attention to the “biodiversity crisis” and that “we don’t need another documentary series.”

The veteran broadcaster has tried to limit his public appearances and commitments, but Mr. Gunton has said that he can’t stop him from working.

“You can’t keep a good man down, and you know that about David,” he told the Radio Times. A few weeks ago, I went to his house to talk about this and that, and he’s still very interested.” “He calls up and asks when the next one is coming,” he said.

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