Stephen Curry Dating: Stephen and Ayesha’s Relationship Timeline


People who were together in the early 2000s have been together for a long time now. The two first met at a church youth group. They didn’t start dating until after Ayesha Curry moved to Hollywood to become an actress.

There was a relationship between them, and in 2011, they got married. In the years since their high-profile marriage, the happy couple has had three children – two daughters and a son, all of whom are now adults.

When Steph Curry played basketball and Ayesha Curry became a celebrity chef and entrepreneur, the couple kept their fans in the loop. They often post pictures of their family life on social media, and they have talked about how hard it is to keep their marriage happy in the public eye.

People were shocked when they heard rumors about the Currys in December 2021. Even though the Currys seem to be happy, the rumor mill started buzzing about them in December 2021.


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Stephen and Ayesha’s Relationship Timeline

“I wasn’t allowed to date when I was in high school,” Ayesha said in a magazine. “We always make fun of the fact that we were both focusing on God at the same time.”

Stephen and Ayesha talked about how Ayesha snubbed him when he tried to kiss her for the first time. Wife: “He came flying at my face like a thief at night.” She was talking about their first date as adults. Not at all. Then I thought, “Oh, I didn’t know this was what was going on.”

In the beginning: When Stephen and Ayesha got married, the ceremony was very pretty in the summer.

A three-member family! When Stephen and Ayesha had Riley in July 2012, they added another member to their family: An NBA finals press conference in 2015 was a big hit for this little girl. She stole the show by sitting on her dad’s lap and entertaining the media.


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I’m having a second daughter! As soon as their second child was born, Ayesha wrote a blog post about how the gift of life is hard to describe. “We were able to do it all over again on Friday night. Our beautiful little Ryan Carson Curry was born healthy and happy, and we can’t wait to meet him!”

The sky is blue! Their third child was born three years after Ryan was born. It was a boy. Protect me on this journey, on this quest! The Canon W. Jack Curry was the name of Stephen’s newborn son at the time.

The fact that Ayesha and Stephen are in a good relationship doesn’t make her feel better about how much attention he gets from other women, she said in a Red Table Talk interview.

People from the Curry family used Instagram in July 2019 to mark their eighth wedding anniversary. With you, every day is a blessing. To do life with you is a never-ending pool of happiness. Through our ups and downs, we only become stronger, Ayesha said. That’s what’s the most important thing.

Then, in December 2019, Ayesha joked on Instagram Live that she “had all of the ingredients on hand” to make “eggplant parmesan.” Stephen called Ayesha his “baby” and his “valentine” just before Valentine’s Day. He was praising her cover shoot for her Sweet July magazine when he said it was so beautiful.


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