Tattoo Addict Looks ‘unrecognisable’ After Covering Up Tattoos and ‘feels Like a Lady’


Becky Holt, the most tattooed woman in Britain, said that covering up her tattoos made her feel “like a lady.” Becky has so many tattoos on her body that it cost her $37,969 to make the change.

The 34-year-old woman had this idea after she posted a video on YouTube without her tattoos so she could see how she would look without them.

The video was 21 minutes long, and the amazing response from her fans blew her away. She also said that it would be hard for her to imagine herself without tattoos.

Becky hired two makeup artists to cover her tattoos. They used strong products that won’t come off even after swimming. Nothing will change.

After her makeup was done, she looked completely different. She thought she had a ladylike look. She thought the tattoo gave her confidence, but now she feels helpless.

She also said that the tattoo made her stand out, but that she will now blend in and look normal without it. She has always wanted attention, but now she thinks that if she doesn’t get tattoos, no one will pay attention to her.

Becky and two other heavily tattooed fans were in the documentary about the social experiment. When it came to her tattoos, she had made geometric designs across her chest as well as colorful inks that went all the way down to her legs.

Becky has had a few surgeries and tattoos to make her curves look better.

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