The Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester May Have Inherited His Behavior From Grandfather Massimo Marone


Massimo Marone, played by the late Joseph Mascolo, is Ridge Forrester’s (Thorsten Kaye) biological father on The Bold and the Beautiful. Soaps in Depth has further information.

This means that Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) is not a true Forrester. What if his father’s behavior was inherited from his grandfather?

Massimo was your standard soap character who adored his family, would do everything for love and would hurt you if you got in his way. His son Ridge, on the other hand, is more unstable than Thomas.

B&B lovers don’t even need to go back and look at his track record; instead, they should focus on what he has done in the last few years. Ridge’s favorite saying is “Who does that?” and these words are very applicable to him.

Ridge let Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) influence Shauna Fuller (Denies Richards) into getting him so drunk that he signed annulment papers, divorced Brooke, and married Shauna.

He’s been duped yet again, this time by Thomas and Taylor. Ridge should have told Brooke what was going on and given her the opportunity to defend herself, even though the recording was her voice.

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Could Both the Father and the Son Benefit From Mental Health Treatment?

The back and forth between Taylor and Brooke, as well as Ridge’s inability to make up his mind, has forced Brooke to claim she needs some time to think things through.

Massimo had demons, and Thomas is a psychopath, but Ridge appears to be ignorant of what is going on around him at times. Although Thomas is not behaving in the same way as his father, there is plainly something wrong with both of them.

Ridge is unable to make up his mind and repeatedly returns to the triangle with Brooke and Taylor, while Thomas is unable to maintain his conduct without punching out at someone.

Although this is simply a theory, there is an old adage that apples do not fall far from the tree. Perhaps Thomas and Ridge are on opposite ends of a mental disease continuum. Keep an eye on The Bold and the Beautiful to see what happens next.

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